Serials Management Project 2009

For over a decade, managing serials collections in academic libraries has been a challenge in an environment of annual serials price inflation of 7-9% and budgetary uncertainty. During this time, the UCI Libraries have significantly increased serials subscriptions to support growing and new programs.

However, for this fiscal year and next, we must address current and anticipated permanent budget cuts in order to achieve a balanced collections budget. We will do this while maintaining support for the teaching, research, and clinical priorities for library resources.

One strategy is to minimize the duplication of content, and to give preference to digital over print format when content is equivalent. Currently, the UCI Libraries are reviewing serials subscriptions where we currently purchase both the print and digital versions. This review has yielded a number of duplicate format serials titles.

Another strategy is to cancel serial subscriptions that are low use or where similar content exists in another source.

  1. Duplicate Formats

    The first list is composed of print titles where we subscribe to both print and electronic versions. We plan to keep the electronic subscription and to not renew the print subscription. Thus online access to these titles will continue to be available to UCI users. If the print versions are needed as a backup, users will be able to receive articles via digital desktop delivery or interlibrary loan.

  2. Low Use or Similar Content Available

    The second list is composed of serial titles that are low use or where similar content exists in another source. The subscriptions to these titles will be discontinued.

While we have carefully reviewed these titles, we understand that there may be special circumstances concerning a particular title and we ask that you inform us of that and share comments by contacting your Subject Librarian or Lorelei Tanji, AUL for Collections, by Friday, June 26, 2009.

Your support of this serials management project to reduce recurring expenses will help us to maintain access to critical library resources during these challenging economic times.

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