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Printing & Copying

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Photocopies $0.08 / page  
Printing (Including Wireless)
$0.12 / page Color $0.50 / page *
Microfilm printed copies $0.12 / page  

* Color printing at the Grunigen Medical Library is $0.25 / page.

Copy card system

  • Campus ID cards can now be used for printing and photocopying at all UCI Libraries and can be swiped at any copier, microform reader/printer, or print release station to pay for copies/prints.  Library copy/print cards are also available for purchase to patrons without campus ID cards, and for departmental use.  Funds can be added to both campus ID cards and Library copy/print cards, and Library copy/print cards may be purchased, at Card Refill Stations located in the Langson, Ayala Science, and Grunigen Medical Libraries as well as the Libraries Gateway Study Center.

Copy/Print Services policies

  • Credit (but not cash) refunds due to equipment malfunction will be reviewed and given on a case-by-case basis.

Copy/Print video tutorials

Printing Instructions

Wireless Printing

  • The UCI Libraries have expanded public printing services to accept print requests from wired and wireless networks across campus.  In addition to printing from computers available within the Libraries, you are now able to send common print requests (MS Office, PDF, web documents, etc.) to the many Libraries' Print Release Stations without installing special print drivers or software.  The process entails using the web link below to locate a Print Release Station, name the print job, and upload the document.  The print job can then be retrieved from within the Libraries at the selected Print Release Station by providing your UCI identification card and the name you gave to the document.

    For more advanced Microsoft Windows-based printing options, the web site also provides a link to software that will install the Print Release Station as an additional printer on your personal computer.  Once installed, this printer will be available via the “File - Print” menu options within the computer's applications and programs.

Departmental Charges

  • Only users on a pre-authorized list will be able to use UCI account numbers.
  • A departmental recharge form will be filled out at the time of purchase. Your bookkeeper will get a copy of this form.
  • To be placed on our pre-authorized list, please have the department bookkeeper email Kim Bishop at kbishop@uci.edu.
  • For assistance with purchasing copy/print cards using a UCI account number, please email Kim Bishop at kbishop@uci.edu.


  • Scanners are available in Langson Library and Ayala Science Library. Click Locations tab for more information.