Kenneth B. Clark

Kenneth B. Clark, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology of City College of the City University of New York, is one of America's leading social scientists. His pioneering research on the effects of segregation on children was cited by the United States Supreme Court in its historic decision of Brown v. Topeka Board of Education (1954). For a career notable as an active and courageous champion of freedom, reason, and decency, Dr. Clark has received numerous awards, including the College Board Medal for distinguished service to education and the American Psychological Association Award for distinguished contributions to psychology in the public interest. His leadership roles include membership in the New York State Board of Regents and the presidency of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Clark's extensive publications include: Prejudice and Your Child, the prize-winning Dark Ghetto, and Pathos of Power. He is coauthor with Jeannette Hopkins of A Relevant War against Poverty and coeditor with Talcott Parson of The Negro American.