Technology & Equipment

The UCI Libraries have a wide variety of technology available for you to borrow:

Laptops, Chromebooks, & iPads

ZOT Charge! Phone Chargers - brought to you in partnership with ASUCI Visions Leadership
(Currently unavailable.)

Cameras, Digital Sound Recorders, & more!
(Available at Multimedia Resources Center.)

Equipment Available at Grunigen Medical Library

ZOT Charge! Phone Chargers FAQ

How long can I keep the phone charger?

You can borrow the phone charger for up to 3 hours however you cannot have it overnight. The phone chargers do not check out overnight so if you borrow it 2 hours before we close you must return it in 2 hours.

Is there a late fee and how much is it?

$2 per hour.

What happens if I lose or damage the phone charger?

You are responsible for the loss or damage.

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