Technology & Equipment

Last modified March 28, 2021.

Beginning March 29th select laptops, iPads, audiovisual and other equipment will be available to borrow from the Multimedia Resources Center. Please see Paging and Pickup Services for information and how to request and pickup equipment.


The UCI Libraries have a wide variety of technology available for you to borrow:

Laptops, Chromebooks, & iPads

ZOT Charge! Phone Chargers - brought to you in partnership with ASUCI Visions Leadership
(Available at Langson and Science Library Check Out Desks and the Mutlimedia Resource Center.)

Multi-Purpose Chargers - charges laptops, phones, tablets, and more
(Available at Langson Library Check Out Desk.)

VR Headsets
(Available at Multimedia Resources Center.)

Cameras, Digital Sound Recorders, & more!
(Available at Multimedia Resources Center.)

Graphing and Scientific Calculators
(Available at Science Library Check Out Desk for up to 24 hours.)

Equipment Available at Grunigen Medical Library

ZOT Charge! Phone Chargers FAQ

How long can I keep the phone charger?

You can borrow the phone charger for up to 3 hours however you cannot have it overnight. The phone chargers do not check out overnight so if you borrow it 2 hours before we close you must return it in 2 hours.

Is there a late fee and how much is it?

$2 per hour.

What happens if I lose or damage the phone charger?

You are responsible for the loss or damage.