UROP 2011

The winners of the 2011-12 Library-UROP Fellowship Awards illustrate the diversity of projects that the Libraries have selected for recognition.

UCI Libraries-UROP Research Fellowship Award Winners 2011-12

Tempesta-LURF award winnerJillian Tempesta, $500 for “City of Sound: Reformist Fictions in Postwar Radio Dramas.”

Bonilla-LURF award winnerEddie Bonilla, $250 for "Taking a Left at the Chicano Movement."

Humfrevill-LURF award winnerColleen Humfrevill, $250 for "Female Journalists,and their Budding Role with the Emergence of WWII."

Rosa-LURF award winnerVileana De La Rosa, $250 for “Recreating and Rethinking La Voz: Analysis of Ethnic Student Media at UC Irvine and Beyond.”

Lucas-LURF award winnerKimberly Lucas, $100 for “Los Angeles: Perfecting the ‘Art’ of Urban Movement and Transportation.”

Punkar.-LURF award winnerSophie Punkar, $100 for “Transphobia and the Prison Industrial Complex.”

Hernandez-LURF award winner
Felipe Hernandez, $100 for “Narco-Corridosin Los Ángeles and Orange County: A New Audience, Local Performers, and Narco Culture.”

Chung-LURF award winnerJane Chung, $100 for “Political Science, Religious Studies, Preservation of Juche through Propaganda.”

Ghattas-LURF award winner
Amanda Ghattas, $100 for “LGBTQ Rights and Conservative Ideology: Today’s Political Clash.”