UROP 2013

The winners of the 2013-14 Library-UROP Fellowship Awards illustrate the diversity of projects that the Libraries have selected for recognition.

UCI Libraries-UROP Research Fellowship Award Winners 2013-14


Dong-LURF award winnerKathy Dong, $500 for “Vietnamese American Youth: Mobilization and Community Activism.”
Younes+Place-LURF award winnerHelena Younes and Patricia Place, $500 for “Literature Review on False and Distorted Memories Induced in Therapy before 1980.”
Ruiz-LURF award winnerMichelle Vasquez Ruiz, $350 for“El Movimeinto Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan and the Development of Chicano Nationalism within the Chicano Movement.”
Sabherwal-LURF award winnerSasha Sabherwal, $300 for “Special Call – Oriental Feminism and Crimes Against Women:A Discourse Analysis of Predominant Representations of Rape in India.”
Wright-LURF award winnerAshley Wright, $100 for “The Alignment of Framing Strategies and Collective Identities in Two Feminist SMOs.”
Dahghan-LURF award winnerDarius Dahghan, $100 for ”Law from Within and Without: Towards a Socially Conscious Theory of Interpretation.”