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The UCI Libraries welcomes your comments, suggestions for improvements, and compliments! This page is designed to provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Libraries as well as to share comments about services and resources that we provide. If you wish to submit a comment yourself, please do so via our online feedback form.

Library Buildings and Space

Q.When will the bathrooms in Langson Library be improved?

A.The Langson Library public restrooms are currently being refreshed from the original 1965 color and tile patterns.  Currently the 1st and 3rd Floor Men's and Women's restrooms are completed.  Included in these projects are:  new color tile pattern, new plumbing fixtures, new stall partitions, lighting enhancements where needed, and fresh paint.  The 4th Floor restrooms will be addressed beginning September 2013.  Once the 4th Floor is completed we will move to the 2nd Floor.  The order in which we are approaching these projects is based on the overall condition of wear and tear.

Q.I think that you should fully shut down all Library computers at the end of the day when all the libraries & study centers are closed... Also, the monitors should be shut off and screen savers could be left blank (instead of flashing the UCI library logo). Both those changes could also save energy.

A.Thank you very much for your message, and for the very thoughtful suggestions! We are indeed currently using a program called Verdiem Surveyor that automatically shuts down all our public computers 15 minutes after the Libraries closure, and turns them back on in the morning. Please rest assured that we are making every effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the Libraries by implementing more efficient processes both in the public areas, and in our data center.

Q.I am currently at the Science Library and was wondering if students are allowed to leave their stuff in the rooms to "reserve" a room while they go out for hours?

A.If another patron complains at the Check Out Desk regarding the above situation, the Check Out Desk staff member on duty will wait 15 minutes then will remove the items from the study room and place it behind the Check Out Desk, where the original patrons may pick up their items. There are signs on each study room noting this.

Please Help!

Q.Hi, I borrowed some books some time ago, how do I know when it will be due? Thank you for your answer.

A.You can check your due dates by logging into your "My Library Account." From the following page http://www.lib.uci.edu/ look on the right hand side for "Accounts" for more information

Q.Where can I find desktop publishing tools like Photoshop as well as audio, video and music software to help me complete my class assignments and research projects?

A.Adobe CS5 Web Design, Adobe CS5  Production, Avid's Media Composer, Final Cut Studio, Finale 2011, Maya and other specialized software are currently available on a select number of  computers in the Multimedia Resources Center (MRC). The MRC is located on the 1st floor of the Science Library. As much as we would like to make desktop publishing tools, video and music software and other specialized applications available on most of the Libraries' computers, our limited resources allow us to purchase only a small number of licenses for this kind of application.

Q.How come on the drop box, it says "do not put reserve books in the drop off box? Is turning in the reserve books into the drop off box before opening is not going to guarantee me that it was returned on time?

A.If you return your reserve books into the drop box before opening, they will be returned on time.

We will take a look to see if we can make the text on the drop box sign more clear.

Q.Do you give tours of the archives collection? I'm in an Archives and Manuscripts class right now and I need to tour an archives for my class. Thanks.

A.On occasion we do special tours. Please contact us to arrange the details.

Q.Request for SPSS be installed on the graduate student reading room computers.

A.SPSS is currently available on all the computers in Libraries' Gateway Study Center and in four computers in the Multimedia Resources Center MRC (1st floor Science Library). As much as we would like to make SPSS and other applications available on most of the Libraries' computers, our limited resources allow us to purchase only a small number of licenses for this kind of application.

Q.I am currently writing my thesis and I'm planning on quoting from a number of sources. But I'm wondering what exactly constitutes "fair use." How can I claim "fair use" and how do I qualify for "fair use"?

A.Claiming fair use depends on the use you wish to make of the material. Publishing copyrighted material in a dissertation is usually not fair use. Check out this website and contact us if you have further questions: http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/copyright/usingcopyrightedworks.html


Q.It's a headache when students forget their id & can't print. Students should be able to just punch in their i.d. # to add money to accounts & print.

A.The print system is set up so the machines read the serial # of the card, not just a student ID. So it would a different number they would need to memorize that is 16 digits long with included characters. In terms of security, requiring an ID to print is preferred because if one were to obtain another student's student ID #, anyone could print from the other persons financial account.

Q.Why isn't double-sided printing standard? This could save 40% on paper purchasing.

A.It is true that many of the public printers in our Libraries do not offer duplex printing. All the printers that we bought in the last couple of years (20% of the total public printers installed) have duplex functionality, and we will continue to replace the old ones (although we won't be able to replace all of them at once, due to the current budget challenges).

Q.Help keep UCI clean & student friendly! I was studying for finals from Friday, December 3rd to Monday, December 6th 2010. The majority of my time was spent in the Gateway Study Center, but I also spent time in the Science Library. The amount of trash buildup over the weekend was absolutely disgusting. I understand that UCI doesn't have a lot of money to hire cleaning services over the weekend, but at least provide bigger/more trash cans so trash doesn't pile up on the floors and tables. Even just trash bags that cost like $4 for a box. I'm positive that this will help everyone, including the cleaning people that have to arrive Monday morning and see an absolute mess. Also, the toilet paper and paper towels ran out in all of the women's restrooms, so I had to walk to Starbucks. Thank you for helping improve UCI!

A.This is one of the challenges we incur while we keep facilities open 24/7 for extended days. We have found no matter the number of cans they will be all filled. We are looking into cleaning service (empty cans and replenish inventory) while students study over night.

Q.It's cold in the Science Library!

A.When we receive complaints about the temperature in a building we contact campus central facilities.   They adjust the temperature accordingly, but it does take time and they can only respond during normal working hours.

Q.Can you please decrease the price of printing? to like less than 10¢ per copy? I know @occ, it's 5¢ per copy to print.

A.Printing is priced at a cost-recovery point to ensure the sustainability of copy and print services. With the campus budget cuts, the Libraries can not subsidize printing for library users.


  • The research consultation was very helpful. I learned more ways to navigate the databases and how to find books in the library. I found many sources for my research and it pointed me in the right direction.
  • Make it bigger/make more LGSC's! They are great!
  • Thanks for being AWESOME!!!
  • I just wanted to say that, as a science teacher, I have been using your page with information on energy (http://previous.lib.uci.edu/features/spotlights/year-of-science-april-2009.html) for my lessons. ...It's been useful; thank you for making it!
  • I study here on a daily basis and the guys who work the Monday night shift (7pm-3pm) are very attentive and know what they are doing.
  • This is a really great & convenient mobile site! Before this site, it would take forever for a page to load, but now, it is much faster. Thank you for coming up with this!
  • I received very valuable information from my library instruction session. The librarian was able to find a primary source for my Hum Core topic and I would not have been able to find as much quality information alone as he did in the same amount of time. Thank you so much!!!
  • I'm a librarian in North Carolina--we are working on a refresh of our webpage. Your Featured Resources page is beautiful! Do you create the thumbnail images yourself? How do you do it?
  • One of your librarians was a life-saver with my electronic access problem. She solved my problem very quickly and had ideas about how to access the site more effectively from home. Thanks!
  • Cool Library Bro.
  • My meeting with one of your librarians was extremely helpful. She had so much insight and worked with me to develop my research project. I really appreciated all the time that she took to go through possible points for me to look into further. She also showed me the tools and took me through the steps to find the information that I would need in my research. After meeting with her, I feel so much better prepared to engage in research. I would definitely recommend the librarian consultation resource to others involved in research and I will use this service again in the future.
  • I thought the librarian consultation was very beneficial. It helped me find diverse other resources that will contribute to my study and research. The librarian was very specific and detailed.
  • The librarian was very helpful and polite. Good that the computer had two screens when she showed me how to use the search engines. Good that they gave a copy of the website to take notes.
  • Great Job!