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The UC Irvine Libraries support the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series by providing a bibliography of the works of each Fellow. The bibliographies are available in print at the Langson and Science Libraries and at each public event.

2001 - 2002 Series

Giorgio Agamben

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
April 24, 2002

Eddie Yeghiayan, Critical Theory & Philosophy Librarian
The UC Irvine Libraries


Infancy and History: The Destruction of Experience.
London & New York: Verso, 1993.
Translation by Liz Heron .
UCI Main Lib D16.8 A4813 1993

Enfance et histoire: destruction de l'expérience et origine de l'histoire. Critique de la politique. Paris: Payot, 2000.
Translation by Yves Hersant.

La Communauté qui vient: théorie de la singularité quelconque.
Paris: Seuil, 1990.
Translation by Marlène Raiola.

The Coming Community. Theory Out of Bounds, 1.
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993.
Translation by Michael Hardt.
UCI Main Lib B105 C46 A4313 1993

A comunidade que vem. Lisbon: Presenca, 1993.
Portuguese translation by Antonio Guerreiro.

La comunidad que viene. Valencia: Pre-Textos, 1996.
Spanish translation by Jose L. Villacanas and Claudio La Rocca.

Mezzi senza fine: note sulla politica.
Temi, 62. Turin: Borlinghieri, 1996.

Medios sin fin: notas sobre la politica. Valencia: Pre-Textos, 2001.
Spanish translation by Antonio Gimeno Cuspinera.

Le temps qui reste: un commentaire de l'Epitre aux Romains. Paris: Rivages, 2000.
Translation into French by Judith Revel.

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"Nietzsche in Italy" Conference, Stanford University, April 18-19, 1986.
UCI Main Lib PQ4001 S782
Reprinted in Thomas Harrison, ed., Nietzsche in Italy, pp. 9-17. Saratoga, Calif.: Anma Libri, 1988.

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