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The UC Irvine Libraries support the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series by providing a bibliography of the works of each Fellow. The bibliographies are available in print at the Langson and Science Libraries and at each public event.

2002 - 2003 Series

Janusz Reykowski

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
February 24, 2003

Daniel C. Tsang
Politics, Economics Bibliographer

Julia Gelfand
Applied Sciences Librarian



Studia nad Rozwojem Standardow Ewaluatywynch (Studies on the Development of Evaluative Standards), with A. Go. Wroclaw: Ossolineum, 1985.

Logika Walki: Zkice z Psychologii Konfliktu Spoecznego w Polsce (Logic of Fight: On the Psychological Aspects of the Social Conflict in Poland). Warszawa: Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1984.

Motywacja, Postawy Prospo Eczne a Osobowo (Prosocial Motivation, Prosocial Attitudes and Personality). Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawn Naukowe, 1979.

Z Zagadnien Psychologii Motywacji (Psychology of Motivation). Warszawa: Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, 1977.

Osobowosc a Spoleczne Zachowanie sie Ludzi. Warszawa: Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1976

Teoria Motywacji a Zarz Zanie (Theory of Motivation and Management). Warszawa: PWE, 1975.

Eksperymentalna Psychologia Emocji (Experimental Psychology of Emotion). Warszawa: Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1968. (German, Russian, Bulgarian editions followed).

Psychologia jako Nauka o Czowieku (Psychology as a Study of Man). Warsazawa: Ksiazka I Wiedza, 1966.

Funkcjonowanie Osobowosci w Warunkach Stressu Psychooogicznego (Personality Functioning under Psychological Stress). Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawn Naukowe, 1966.

Metodologiczne Problemy Psychologii wspo Czesnej (Methodological Problems of Contemporary Psychology). Warsaw: Panstwowe Wydawn Naukowe, 1964.

Edited Works

The Practice of Social Influence in Multiple Cultures, with Wilhelmina Wosinska et al. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM1271 .P73 2001

Dylematy Wspoczesnej Cywilizacji a Natura Czowieka (Dilemmas of the Contemporary Civilization and the Nature of Human Being), with T. Bielicki. Poznan: Wyd. Zysk, 1997.

Potoczne Wyobraenia o Demokracji: Psychologiczne Uwarunkowania i Konsekwencje (The Lay Concepts of Democracy: Their Sources and Consequences). Warszawa: Wydawn . Instytutu Psychologii Pan, 1995.

Wartosci i Postawv Spoleczne a Przmeianv Systemowe: Szkice z Psychologii Politycznej(Values and Attitudes of Poles and Changes in the Socio-political System) . Warszawa: Wydawn. Instytutu Psychologii Pan, 1993.

Orientacje Spoleczne Jacko Element Mentalnosci (Social Orientations as Components of Mentality), with Krystyna Skarynska-Bochenska and Marek Ziólkowski. Poznan: Wydawn Nakom, 1990.

Personality Psychology in Europe, vol. 3 with Guus L..Van Heck et al. Bristol, PA: Swetz & Zeitlinger, 1990.
UCI Langson Library Call Number BF698 .E77 1982 v.3

Social and Moral Values: Individual and Societal Perspectives, with Nancy Eisenberg and Ervin Staub. Hillsdale, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 1989.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM216 .S549 1989

Development and Maintenance of Prosocial Behavior: International Perspectives on Positive Morality, with Ervin Staub and Daniel Bar-Tal. New York: Plenum Press, 1984.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM216 .D44 1984

Studia nad Teoria Czynosci Ludzkich. Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawn, 1975.

Chapters in Books (those in English)

"Justice Motive and Altruistic Helping: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Occupied Europe," in Michael Ross, and Dale T. Miller, eds., The Justice Motive in Everyday Life, 251-270. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002.
UCI Langson Library Call Number JC578 .J886 2002

"Patriotism and the Collective System of Meanings," in Daniel Bar-Tal, and Ervin Staub, eds., Patriotism in the Lives of Individuals and Nations. Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1997.
UCI Langson Library Call Number JC329 .P37 1997

"Collectivism and Individualism as Dimensions of Social Change," in Uichol Kim et al, eds., Individualism and Collectivism: Theory, Method, and Applications, 276-292. Thousand Oaks, CA.: Sage, 1994.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM216 .I63 1994

"Resolving Large-scale Political Conflict: The Case of the Round Table Negotiations in Poland," in Stephen Worchel and Jeffrey A. Simpson, eds., Conflict Between People and Groups: Causes, Processes, and Resolutions, 214-232. Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1993.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM136 .C668 1993

"Motivations of People who Helped Jews Survive the Nazi Occupation," in Pearl M. Oliner et al, eds., Embracing the Other: Philosophical, Psychological, and Historical Perspectives on Altruism, 213-225. New York: New York University Press, 1992.
UCI Langson Library Call Number D810 .J4 E477 1992

"Psychological Dimensions of a Sociopolitical Change: The Polish Case," in Walter D. Connor, and Piotr Ploszajski, eds., Escape from Socialism: The Polish Route. Warsaw: Ifis, 1991. Published in U.S. as: The Polish Road from Socialism: The Economics, Sociology and Politics of Transition, [217]-230. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1992.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HN538.5 .P645 1992

"Sociopsychological Aspects of the Polish Crisis," in Lawrence S. Graham and Maria K. Ciechocinska, eds., The Polish Dilemma: Views from Within, 180-190. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1987.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HN537.5 .P5379 1987

Journal and Magazine Articles (those in English)

"Belief System and Collective Action: Changes in Poland from a Psychological Perspective." Applied Psychology 47/1 (January 1998), 89-108.
UCI Langson Library Call Number BF636 .A1 I538

"Why Did the Collectivist State Fail?" Theory and Society 23/2 (April 1994), 233-252.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM1 .T45

"Is Socialism A Psychological Misunderstanding?" Socialism and Democracy 10 (Spring/Summer 1990), 37-39.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HX1 .S16

"Reform Threatened," Polish News Bulletin (26 May, 1994). (Full-text available on LexisNexisTM.)

"Where is Poland Going?" World Marxist Review 32/11 (November ,1989), 17-20.
UCI Langson Library Call Number HX1 .W89

"Developmental Patterns of Prosocial Motivation: A Cross-national Study" (with R. Silbereisen et al). Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 20/3 (1989).
UCI Langson Library Call Number BF1 .J58.

"Resolving a Socio-political Conflict." Polish Political Science 16 (1984).

"Social Motivation." Annual Review of Psychology 33 (1982), 123-154. This volume was co-edited by Lyman W. Porter of UCI.
UCI Langson Library Call Number BF30 .A56 v. 33 1982

"Psychological Space and Regulation of Social Behavior" (with Zuzanna Smolenska). European Journal of Social Psychology 12/4 (October-December 1982).
UCI Langson Library Call Number HM 251 .E8

"Origin of Prosocial Motivation: Heterogenetity of Personality Development."Studia Psychologica 22/2 (1980), 91-105.
UCI Langson Library Call Number BF1 .A1 S7

"Personality Mechanisms of Prosocial Behavior" (with Zuzanna Smolenska). Polish Psychological Bulletin 11/4 (1980), 219-230

"The basis of psychological diagnosis conceived as regulatory theory of the personality" (with Zuzanna Smolenska). Ceskoslovenska Psychologie 22/4 (1978), 310-324.

"Cognitive Development and Prosocial Behavior." Polish Psychological Bulletin 8/1 (1977), 35-43.

"Aggression as a Process Intrinsically Motivated and Intrinsically Inhibited." Przeglad Psychologiczny 20/2 (1977), 203-228.

"Personality Development." Psychologia Wychowawcza 19/3 (May-June 1976), 323-339.

"Social Differentiation and Individual Motivation." Studia Socjologiczne 4/59 (1975), 109-138.

"Efficiency of Self-regulation and Tolerance for Stress." Studia Psychologica 14/4 (1972), 294-300.

"Some Integrative and Regulative Functions of Personality." Psychologia Wychowawcza 14/3 (May 1971), 285-299.

"Emotional Dynamics and Psychosomatic Diseases." Studia Psychologica 13/2 (1971), 121-126.


"Reykowski Interviewed on Outcome of Election." FBIS Daily Report. East Europe (June 23, 1989), 53.

"Time of Chaos: The Promise -- and Danger -- of Reform." Maclean's 102/16 (17 April, 1989), 33.
UCI Langson Library Call Number AP5 .M2. (Full-text available on LexisNexisTM and on Expanded Academic.)

"Reykowski Interviewed On Political Reform. FBIS Daily Report. East Europe (March 10, 1989), 41.


"Negotiating Radical Change: Understanding and Extending the Lessons of the Polish Round Table Talks"

"The Levels of Political Thinking and Political Problem Solving"

"Protest Against Call for European Boycott of Academic and Cultural Ties with Israel: Polish Petition" [signatory]

About Prof. Reykowski

Snibber, Alana Conner. "Warsaw School Emphasizes Better Living through Social Psychology." APS Observer 15/2 (February 2002).

Warsaw School of Political Psychology (co-founded by Prof. Reykowski) http://www.swps.edu.pl/EN/

"Reykowski on Need For Strong Left-Wing Party." FBIS Daily Report. East Europe (January 17, 1990), 57.

"Reykowski, Geremek on Runoff Elections." FBIS Daily Report. East Europe (June 12, 1989), 40.

"Politburo's Reykowski on Reform, Party Backing." FBIS Daily Report. East Europe (April 14, 1989), 29.

"Politburo Member Reykowski Comments on Talks." FBIS Daily Report. East Europe (March 8, 1989), 41

Seward, Deborah G. " Shakeup In Communist Leadership In Apparent Bid For Younger Reformers." Associated Press (December 22, 1988). (Reykowski added to Politburo. Full-text available on LexisNexisTM.)

"Panel Discussion on Likelihood of Social Explosion." BBC Summary of World Broadcasts (August 16, 1988). (Full-text available on LexisNexisTM)

"Meeting of PRON Provisional National Council." BBC Summary of World Broadcasts (April 22, 1983). (On Reykowski's report on the debate on the draft PRON declaration. Full-text available on LexisNexisTM.)

Bobinski, Christopher. "Poles Unlikely to Accept Banning of Solidarity, Regime Warned." Financial Times (October 19, 1982), I, 2. (On Reykowski's report to deputy premier. Full-text available on LexisNexisTM.)

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