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2003 - 2004 Series

Anthony and Joseph Paratore

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
Master Class: March 17, 2004
Concert: March 19, 20, 2004

Liza Vick, Research Librarian for Music & Dance
The UC Irvine Libraries

Selected Discography

25 Jahre Ard-Wettbewerb. LP: Eurodisc, 1977, 1966.

1001 Ways to Be Romantic. CD: Four Winds, 1999.

Classic Romance. CD: Four Winds, 1998.

Timeless Kiss. CD: Four Winds, 1998.

Brahms, Johannes. Anthony and Joseph Paratore Play Brahms. CD: Four Winds, 1999.

________. Liebeslieder-Walzer Op. 52 and Op. 65 ; Walzer, Op. 39. CD: Koch Schwann, 1999, 1996.

Brahms, Johannes and Arnold Schoenberg. Piano Quartet, Op. 25. CD: Koch Schwann, 1990, 1979.

Brubeck, Dave. Points on Jazz and Other Works for Two Pianos. CD: Koch, 2000.

Debussy, Claude and Francis Poulenc, et al. French Romance: Piano Works of Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, and Milhaud. CD: Four Winds, 2001.

Downey, John W. Music of John Downey. CD: Gasparo, 1989, 1976.

Gershwin, George. Anthony and Joseph Paratore Play George Gershwin. CD: Koch Schwann, 1995.

Gottschalk, Louis Moreau. Night in the Tropics. LP: New World Records, 1978.

Mendelssohn, Felix-Bartholdy. Concertos for 2 Pianos and Orchestra. CD: Koch International, 1994.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus and Ferruccio Busoni, et al. Bearbeitungen Für 2 Klaviere Zu Vier Und Acht Händen: Transcriptions for 2 Pianos. LP: Schwann Musica Mundi, 1981.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus and Gioacchino Rossini, et al. The Well-Tempered Opera : Overtures and Waltzes from Operas. CD: Koch Schwann, 1999.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus and Franz Schubert, et al. Classics to Broadway. CD: Schwann Musica Mundi (dist. by Koch International), 1990.

Mussorgsky, Modest and Felix Mendelsson-Bartholdy. Pictures at an Exhibition. CD: Koch International.

Poulenc, Francis and Modest Mussorgsky. America in Concert. Program #237. Sound tape reel. 1980s.

Rachmaninoff, Sergei and Johannes Brahms, et al. Classic Romance III. CD: Four Winds, 2000.

Schelle, Michael. Five Works (1984-89). Audiocassette. 1990.

________. Kammersymphonie, Op. 9 : In Der Fassung Für Klavier Zu Vier Händen. LP: Schwann Musica Mundi, 1986, 1984.

Schoenberg, Arnold and Alban Berg. Bearbeitungen Für Klavier Zu Vier Händen. LP: Schwann Musica Mundi, 1986, 1984.

Schubert, Franz. Piano Masterworks for Four Hands. CD: Four Winds, 2003.

Schumann, Robert. Exercises-Etudes, Woo 31 ; Piano Quartet; Andante and Variations in B Flat. CD: Koch International, 1992.

Schumann, Robert and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, et al. Variations for Four Hands. CD: Koch Schwann Musica Mundi, 1984.

Stravinsky, Igor. Concerto Pour Deux Pianos Le Sacre Du Printemps. CD: Koch Schwann, 1995.

Tesh, John. Classical Music for Babies (and Their Moms). CD: Garden City Music, 2000.

________. John Tesh Presents Classical Music for Babies (and Their Moms), Vol. 2. CD: Garden City Music, 2000.

________. John Tesh Presents Classical Music for a Stress-Free World. CD: Garden City Music, 2000.

________. John Tesh Presents Classical Music for an Intimate Mood. CD: Garden City Music, 2000.

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Selected Videos:

The Boston Pops in Hollywood / KCET. VHS. 1976.

Paratore, Anthony and Joseph Paratore. Music of the Twentieth Century for Two Pianos. DVD. 2000.

Saint-Saëns, Camille. Carnival of the Animals. VHS. 1990-1991.

Selected Articles and Reviews:

Davis, Peter G. "Music: Brothers in a Piano Duo." The New York Times, November 11 1980, Page 8, Column 4.

Dyer, Richard. "Anthony and Joseph Paratore: Duo-Pianists at Tsai Performance Center, Last Night; Pleasing Paratore Duet Recalls a Genre." The Boston Globe, February 13 2003, B14.

________. "Bravura Piano from the Brothers Paratore." The Boston Globe, April 25 1994, 32.

________. "Paratore Brothers' Triumphant Return." The Boston Globe, March 18 1998, C3.

________. "Paratores Make Fine, Long-Overdue Celebrity Series Debut." The Boston Globe, November 13 1989, 36.

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Selected Websites:

Anthony and Joseph Paratore. Four Winds Entertainment, 2002. Accessed 19 March 2004. Internet. Available from http://www.fourwinds-music.com/html/paratore.htm.

Anthony and Joseph Paratore Duo-Piano. Mariedi Anders Artists Management, Accessed 19 March 2004. Internet. Available from http://www.andersmanagement.com/soajparatore.htm.

Piano-Duo Anthony and Joseph Paratore. Accessed 19 March 2004. Internet. Available from http://www.paratore.de/htm_e/startseite_e.htm.

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Selected Concert Performances

Amsterdam Philharmonic
Bavarian Radio Orchestra
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Berlin Philharmonic
Boston Pops
Boston Symphony
Chicago Symphony
Detroit Symphony
Leipzig Radio Symphony
New York Philharmonic
Prague Philharmonic
Rotterdam Philharmonic
San Francisco Symphony
Stuttgart Philharmonic
Swiss Italian Radio Orchestra
Vienna Philharmonic
Warsaw Philharmonic

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Selected Television and Radio Appearances

Today Show, NBC
Tonight Show, NBC
The Paratores: Two Brothers, Four Hands, PBS
Piano Pizzazz from Wolf Trap, PBS
Twentieth Anniversary of the Boston Pops (John Williams), PBS
All Things Considered, NPR

Selected Awards

Dante Alighieri Society, Honorary Members
Munich International Music Competition, First Prize


Hong Kong
Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart
Spoleto USA

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