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The exodus from Vietnam brought many writers, artists and musicians to the United States. The loss and pain of the war and of the refugee experience, combined with the difficulties of adapting to a new culture, led many Vietnamese to express their feelings and experiences through prose, poetry, music, and painting.  The urge to maintain their culture and to continue the rich intellectual life of the homeland has resulted in the production of many vital publications in both the Vietnamese and English languages, as well as new musical activity. Second generation Vietnamese Americans continue the tradition through additional creative activities, including contemporary theater and art. 

42. The Ky 21 [Twenty-first Century].  May 1989.  Westminster, Calif.  Donated by Tung Cao. 

43. Hop Luu [Confluence].  December 1994-January 1995.  Garden Grove, Calif.  Donated by Hop Luu. 

44. Van [Letters].  June 1998.  Midway City, Calif.  Donated by Van. 

45. Van Hoc [Literature].  March 1998.  Westminster, Calif.  Donated by Van Hoc. 

The Ky 21, sponsored by the Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association, is a general magazine covering world news and local community events. The other three journals focus on literary criticism, short stories, poetry, and interviews. 

46. Laughter from the Children of War.  Written and performed by Club O'Noodles, South Coast Repertory Second Stage, Costa Mesa, Calif.  Program, 1996.  Donated by Daniel Tsang. 

47. Nhac Viet: The Journal of Vietnamese Music.  Fall 1997.  Kent, Ohio.  Donated by Khuong X. Nguyen. 

48. Tieng Chieu Roi [Sound of a Fallen Evening].  Audio cassette, 1983.  Donated by Le Van Khoa. 

Traditional Vietnamese themes interpreted in orchestral and vocal performance.  Produced by composer and musician, Le Van Khoa. 

49. Truong Ca Con Duong Cai Quan = Voyage Through The Motherland.  San Jose, Calif.: CoLoa, 1995.  Compact disc. 

Vietnamese composer Pham Duy's autobiography and music. 

50. Home=Ngoi Nha.  San Jose, Calif.: Association for Viet Arts, 1995.  Exhibit catalog.  Donated by Darlene Nguyen-Ely. 

51. 20 Years After the Fall: Vietnamese American Art.  Downey, Calif.: Downey Museum of Art, 1995?  Exhibit catalog.  Donated by Darlene Nguyen-Ely. 

 Kim Ha, her husband, and four children (including a new baby born in a refugee camp) were land refugees; they arrived in the United States from Thailand in 1980.  She has written her story, incorporating experiences of other refugees she met in the camps.  Her work is represented here in four versions: the original manuscript, audiorecordings of interviews, and published editions in both Vietnamese and English.  All four items were donated by Kim Ha. 

52. "Qua Con Bao Du."  Manuscript, 1983-1989. 


53. Interviews with Vietnamese land refugees.  Audio cassette, 1983. 

54. Stormy Escape: A Vietnamese Woman's Account of Her 1980 Flight.
Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 1997. 

55. Qua Con Bao Du: Hoi Ky Vuot Bien Bang Duong Bo.
Garden Grove, Calif.: Kim Ha, 1992. 

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