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California College of Medicine records [AS-027]

Dain Tasker, D.O., "History of Osteopathy in California"

Chapters 1-15 cover the years 1896 to 1910
Chapter 20 covers the year 1914
Chapters 66-70 cover 1948 to 1949
Chapter 71 includes Dr. Tasker's autobiography entitled "Fifty Golden Years"
Chapter 75 includes a report on the Department of Osteopathic Therapeutics and Rehabilitation, (see AS-027, Box 1, folders 1 through 16 and AS-083 Series 3, Box 2, folders 10-19)

William W.W. Pritchard, D.O.: "A proposal to the Bureau of Professional Education ...", 1952, (see AS-027, Box 28, folder 35 and Box 21, folders 18 and 22)

Grace Bell, personal information, (see AS-027, Box 27, folder 4)

"History of CCM, 1896-1914", (see AS-027, Box 27, folder 4)

Biographical information and portraits of faculty:

Vincent Carroll, circa 1960s, (see AS-027, Box 79, folder 8)
Louis Chandler, 1928-1940, (see AS-027, Box 79, folder 10)
Wayne Dooley, circa 1930, (see AS-027, Box 79, folder 14)
van Gerdine, 1955-1960s, (see AS-027, Box 79, folder 21)
Betsy MacCracken, (see AS-027, Box 79, folder 33)
Dain Tasker, 1928-1961, (see AS-027, Box 79, folder 50)

Forty-First Medical Society

Fund raising for CCM, (see AS-027, Box 22, folder 38)
41st Medical Society Newsletter 1962-1967, (see AS-027, Box 71, folder 47)

Forest Grunigen files on the California Osteopathic Association [AS-083]

Fact Finding Committee: records for 1944 – 1962, (see AS-083, Box 1, folder 1)

Legal documents: 1948-1961, (see AS-083, Box 1, folder 18)

Correspondence: including Seth Hufstedler, Wayne Pollock, M.D. and Glen Cayler, M.D., (see AS-083, Box 1, folders 9 – 12)

Correspondence about M.D. degree, and minutes, (see AS-083, Box 1, folder 2)

Arnold Kisch, M.D. and Arthur Viseltear, Ph.D.: "Doctors of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathy in California: Two Medical Professions Face the Problem of Providing Medical Care." Dept of Health, Education and Welfare, 1967, a preliminary edition, for evaluation purposes only, (see AS-083, Box 1, folder 37)

Dain Tasker, D.O.: "History of Osteopathy in California", (see AS-083, Box 2, folders 10-19)

Warren L. Bostick papers, 1932-1990 1961-1979 [AS-018]

Campaign for unification 1961-1969, (see AS-018, Box 1, folder 5)
Merger 1961-1962, (see AS-018, Box 1, folder 8)
CMA Committee on Other Professions, 1960-1967, (see AS-018, Box 1, folder 7)
Dissolution of 41st Medical Society 1964-1970, (see AS-018, Box 1, folder 9)
Hospital options, (see AS-018, Box 2, folder 2)

Clinical Osteopathy

This journal was the official organ of COA, in collaboration with COP&S. It was formerly called The Western Osteopath,.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1934
October issue, article by T.J. Ruddy, D.O.
November issue, description of a new patient plan for the Osteopathic Unit of the L.A. County General Hospital

Clinical Osteopathy, 1935
January issue, paper by Grace Bell, D.O.
March and April issues, two papers by Louisa Burns, D.O.
June issue, cites the graduation by Sam Reese, D.O. and H. Norcross, D.O.
September issue, lists the new admission requirements for COP&S.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1936
January, February, and May issues, articles by Dain Tasker, D.O.;
May issue, cites Los Angeles area to have the greatest concentration of D.O.s anywhere, with 1/6 of D.O.s worldwide practicing in California;
September issue, cites 1,487 D.O.s in California, with 52.4% being members of COA, compared to their 33% membership with AOA;
Osteopathy code of ethics is reprinted throughout several issues.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1937
January, February, March and April issues, published "A study of osteopathic fundamentals" as stated by Dr. A.T. Still;
May issue, has several articles on manipulation and a plea by W.W.W. Pritchard, D.O. "why not brush up a bit on your technique, keep faith with ourselves, our patients and our profession"..."There is no reason to be ashamed of being an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon".
August issue, shows a group photo of "Doctors attending the 1937 postgraduate week at COP&S". There were about 8 women among the 48 doctors

Clinical Osteopathy, 1938
March issue, cites the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the L.A. County Osteopathic Hospital which had opened in February 1928. "This was the climax of a hard fight by the profession in California for recognition and the opportunity to demonstrate to the public what osteopathy can do for human ills….The almost too rapid growth of the Unit created problems"(it didn't say which problems were created).
The May issue, advises to keep a case history on every patient to protect against malpractice claims. The topic of malpractice comes up frequently in this year and subsequently.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1939
January issue, announces an osteopathic hospital in Oakland
February issue, talks about the California Board of Osteopathic Examiners, organized in 1922. In early 1923 there were 924 licentiates in the State of California. At the end of 1937 there were 1,718 licentiates.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1940
March issue, mentions the College clinic again: Patients who cannot afford the County Hospital get good care at the clinic. Every patient receives a social service check-up. The issue also mentions a Riverside Osteopathic Hospital. The hospital has been in operation for 11 years. There were 213 admissions in 1939 and 55 infants were born.
May issue, mentions 26 participants in a postgraduate course on manipulation.
June issue, mentions the L.A. College to have a new president, Ballentine Henley, MA, MS, LLD. He was formerly the acting Dean of the School of Government at USC. He taught administrative law, jurisprudence, and public relations.
July issue, has news from the AOA convention: All 14 representatives of the CA House of Delegates were present, including Glen Cayler, D.O.. Alternates included Frank MacCracken, D.O.
September issue, describes the article in Life on osteopathy. Dr. Fishbein of the AMA was most annoyed by the article, especially by the quote "In 33 states, qualified doctors of osteopathy are permitted to practice on equal footing with doctors of medicine. Dr. Fishbein in his JAMA editorial flatly denies that there are more than 5 states that allow D.O.s to prescribe without restriction. Apparently he does not expect having to prove his statement in court".
October issue, shows the membership roster of COA, including Betty, Daisy and Frank E. MacCracken, R.E. Eby, Cora and Dain Tasker, and Glen Cayler.
December issue, has a historical piece by Mark Twain defending osteopathy, stating that he has the right and liberty to choose who treats him.
Four of 27 AOA approved hospitals nationwide are in California: The Doctors Hospital in Los Angeles, the L.A. County Hospital, Magnolia Hospital in Long Beach, and Monte Sano Hospital in Los Angeles.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1941
January issue, announces the San Diego Hillside Osteopathic hospital. There were over 50 D.O.s in the San Diego area.
Ten issues, starting in 1940, present reports on osteopathic techniques, including numerous photos. April issue, has a letter explaining the "reason for dissatisfaction in the profession is the fundamental disparity between increased training and license compared to low political, social and postgraduate opportunity". The letter also states "Many D.O.s are non-members [in COA] because they want an M.D. degree and the enlarged horizon it implies. If we do not settle the latter problem, it will settle us".
September issue, announces a 10-week course on public speaking by Dr. Henley.
December issue as well as other issues, have WWII as the topic, including a paper by Lowell Kearl, D.O. on osteopathic management of trauma. The issue lists the 1940 membership in COA, including Dr. Forest Grunigen, Dr. Dorothy Marsh, Dr. Sam Reese, and Dr. Howard Norcross.

Clinical Osteopathy, 1942:
February issue, lists 1,890 licentiates in California.
All issues, feature articles on osteopathic care related to war injuries.
May issue, features a photo of Forest Grunigen, D.O. as President Elect of the COA

Clinical Osteopathy, 1945
January issue, mentions the L.A. County Osteopathic Hospital Interns' Alumni Association and "Dr. Grunigen, the first one of the gang to make the top spot in the COA..."
February issue, lists over 10 osteopathic hospitals in the greater Los Angeles area as members of the California Hospital Association;
August issue, mentions the marriage of Stephen (Tiny) Teale and Barbara Baker;
October issue, the Advisory Board for Osteopathic Specialists advocates recognition through specialty certification. The Long Beach Osteopathic Hospital aims to build a bigger hospital.

"A tribute to a fallen leader". Obituary for Dain L. Tasker, M.D., prepared in 1964 by Munish Feinberg, M.D., historian of the Forty-First Medical Society of the California Medical Association.

"History of CCM, 1896-1914", a document prepared in 1964 by Drs. DeStefano, Lee, and Schwartz

"Historical Outline UCI – College of Medicine", a typed list of dates and their respective events from the 1932 to 1960s; no authors cited

"An Appeal to Reason", undated, 18-page document printed by the "Committee for the Standardization of Medical Education and Practice in California", authors listed as Emerson J. Hutchinson, D.O., Chairman; Charles S. Nicholas, D.O., Vice-Chairman; and Jack Stein, D.O., Secretary Treasurer

"A History of the Pediatrics Department, California College of Medicine, University of California, Irvine, Draft # 1, 2/2/78, Prepared by Dr. Betsy R. MacCracken with the assistance of Drs. Fred Stone, Mary O'Meara Pepper, Wayne Peyton, Jane Hamilton and Grace Bell"

"Grace Beekhuis Bell, M.D." by Linda Burnham, March 1977, Dean's Office, College of Medicine, the University of California Irvine

"College of Medicine, University of California: History – Academics – Politics: The Merging Professions" by Warren L. Bostick, M.D., 1994. Centennial Edition, printed in-house.

Cayler Report to COA

"September 12 – Meeting of the Bureau of Public Affairs, COA Delegation to the House of Delegates of the AOA, with the Board of Trustees of the COA."
"Beginning of Dr. Cayler's Report to the Board of COA."
. No year of documentation is provided.

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