The diversity and depth of the immigrant experience are evident in the stories and memoirs recorded by those who have traversed oceans and borders to come to this country, as well as by their children.

Ranging in tone from humorous to self reflective, these works highlight the contemporary experience of the immigrant in an era of globalization, political and social complexity, and terrorism.

Since 9/11 immigrants have faced increasing challenges, both in our nation and abroad (Item 59). Stereotypes, fears, myths and misinformation combine to form barriers among peoples. Those of particular national, ethnic, or religious origins can become more easily targeted in a period of heightened tension, suspicion, and national insecurity.

Yet this literature gives voice and identity to countless immigrants who have learned to survive--and thrive--by standing up, asserting their rights, building on community ties, and forming coalitions. Their stories offer glimpses into the daily lives of the thousands of participants in ethnic diasporas in which homeland memories and the expression of hope in a better future play a crucial part.