The Wellek Library Lectures Series

The Annual Wellek Library Lecture Series at the University of California, Irvine was inaugurated in 1981 by the Critical Theory Institute as a tribute to Professor René Wellek and in support of new scholarship. In the Spring of every year, a distinguished critic defends his or her critical stance over the course of three lectures. In 1985, Dr. Eddie Yeghiayan began the tradition of compiling bibliographies detailing not only the work of each lecturer, but much of the related secondary literature as well. Today, UCI research librarians continue to compile extensive bibliographies of each lecturer's work. These links to these bibliographies, as originally published, appear below.

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2013 -- Peter Sloterdijk
(No bibliography available)

2012 -- Bruno Latour

2011 -- Donna Haraway

2010 -- Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

2009 -- Rosalyn Deutsche

2008 -- Joan Scott

2007 -- Elizabeth Grosz

2006 -- Talal Asad

2005 -- David Harvey

2004 -- Achille Mbembe

2003 -- Angela Davis

2002 -- Paul Gilroy
Elements of Post-Colonial Melancholia (pdf | html)
"Living with Difference"
"Human Rights and the Racial Nomos"
"Race is Ordinary"

2001 -- Homi K. Bhabha
The Quasi-Colonial: Scrambled Eggs and a Dish of Rice (pdf | html)
"Shadows and Citizens"
"A Global Measure"

2000 -- Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
The New Comparative Literature ( pdf | html)
"Crossing Borders"

1999 -- Jean Baudrillard
(pdf | html)
"The Murder of the Real"
"The Final Solution: Cloning beyond the Human and the Inhuman"
"The Millennium, or the Suspense of the Year 2000"

1998 -- Judith Butler
Antigone's Claim: Kinship, Aberration, and Psychoanalysis (pdf | html)

1997 -- Harry D. Harootunian
History's Disquiet: Modernity and Everyday Life ( pdf | html)

1996 -- Étienne Balibar
On Politics and History: Presence, Cruelty, and the Universals (pdf | html)
"Presence (on Contemporaneity and Non-contemporaneity)"
"Cruelty (about 'convertible' and 'non-convertible' Violence in History)"
"The Universals (or Why Emancipatory Ideals are contradictory)"

1995 -- Rosalind Krauss
Formless: A Feat ( pdf | html)
"The Scatological"
"The Heterogeneous"
"The Abjectile"

1994 -- Wolfgang Iser
Variables of Interpretation: Iterations of Translatability ( pdf | html)
"Authority and Circularity: The Rise of Hermeneutics"
"Recursive Looping: The Cross-Cultural Relationship"
"The Travelling Differential: Converting God into Cognition"

1993 -- Evelyn Fox Keller
Metaphors of 20th Century Biology (pdf | html)
"The Discourse of Gene Action"
"Molecules, Messages, and Memory"
"Shifting Valences of 'Organism'"

1992 -- Geoffrey Hartman
Three on 'Culture' (pdf | html)
"Culture and the Abstract Life"
"The Progress of Cultural Discourse"
"The Idea of Culture After the Holocaust"

1991 -- Fredric Jameson
The Constraints of the Postmodern (html)
"Antinomies of the Postmodern"
"Repressions of Utopia"
"The Spatial Constraints of the Postmodern"

1990 -- Hélène Cixous
Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing (pdf | html)
"The Hour of the Worst"
"The School of Dreams"
"The School of Roots"

1989 -- Edward Said
Musical Elaborations (pdf | html)
"Performance as an Extreme Occasion"
"On the Transgressive Element in Music"
"Melody, Affirmation and Solitude"

1988 -- Murray Krieger
The Reopening of Closure ( pdf | html)
"The Figure in the Renaissance Poem as Bound and Unbounded"
"The Typological Imagination and Its Other: From Coleridge to the New Critics"
"Stricken by Metaphor: Some Thematic Consequences"

1987 -- Louis Marin
Pascalian Propositions for Today (pdf | html)
"Epistemology: An 'Almost Theory of Knowledge'"
"Ethics: Force Power Justice"
"Philosophy: Negation and Interpretation"

1986 -- Jean-François Lyotard
Peregrinations: Law, Form, Event ( pdf | html)

1985 -- J. Hillis Miller
The Ethics of Reading (pdf | html)
"Reading Reading: Kant"
"Reading Writing: George Eliot"
"Rereading Revision: Trollope, James"

1984 -- Jacques Derrida
Mémoires: For Paul de Man ( pdf | html)
Bibliography of Paul de Man's works (html)

1983 -- Frank Kermode
Forms of Attention

1982 -- Perry Anderson
In the Tracks of Historical Materialism

1981 -- Harold Bloom
The Breaking of the Vessels