Guide to Call Number & Subject Locations

Langson Library    
Journals: Subjects: Floorplans:
Current   2nd Floor
Bound   Basement Compact Shelving*
Books: Subjects: Floorplans:
A General Works Basement Compact Shelving*
B Philosophy, Religion, Psychology Basement Compact Shelving*
C General History 1st floor
D-DS 299 World History 1st floor
DS 300-DX World History 3rd floor
E World History 3rd floor
F World History 3rd floor
G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation 3rd floor
H Social Sciences 3rd floor
J Political Science 3rd floor
K Law 3rd floor
L Education 3rd floor
M Music 4th floor
N Fine Arts 4th floor
P-PS Literature, Film 4th floor
PT-PZ Literature 4th floor
T Technology 4th floor
Z Bibliography, Library Sciences 4th floor
Outline of the Library of Congress Classification
For a detailed subject breakdown.
East Asian Collection:   Floorplans
East Asian Collection   1st Floor
Government Information:   Floorplans
Orange County and California
  Basement Compact Shelving*
Oversize:   Floorplans
Oversize, Double Oversize,
Triple Oversize
  Basement Compact Shelving*
Reference:   Floorplans
Reference   1st floor
Libraries Gateway Study Center                                                                                                                             
Orange County & Southeast Asian Archive:   Floorplans
Gateway Study Center Orange County Regional History   1st Floor
Gateway Study Center Southeast Asian Archive   1st Floor
Ayala Science Library    
Journals: Call Number Floorplans
Current   2nd floor
Bound AS-W1 CE 4th floor Drum
  W1 CH - ZWM 5th floor Drum
Books: Call Number Floorplans
  AC1 A1 - QH5000 Z99 4th floor Bar
  QK1 A1 - TJ1700 Z99 5th floor Bar
  TK1 A1 - ZZZ 6th floor Bar
Outline of the Library of Congress Classification: for a detailed subject breakdown.
Outline of the National Library of Medicine Classification: For breakdown of medical headings QS - QZ and W
Oversize, Double Oversize,
Triple Oversize
  end of the BAR on
4th, 5th, 6th floors
Government Information:   Floorplans
US Government Information   5th floor Drum
* How do I operate the compact shelving in Langson Library?
** Some materials in the Ayala Science Library may be unavailable for browsing during the ASL flooring project. Find out how to access them here.


The Southern Regional Library Facility is located off campus. Fill out an ILL Request Form to get materials sent to UCI. Requests generally take 3-5 working days.

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