Software in the Libraries

The UCI Libraries offer a variety of software applications for students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Please refer to the tables below to locate software in the libraries.

Note that while this list is updated, it's always recommended to contact the appropriate service desk to make sure the listed software is available for use. For other labs on campus, see the OIT computer lab software list.

Location Key

PC Software Availability

PC Software Availability
Software Location Notes
7Zip All PCs  
Adobe Acrobat Pro SEAA

Two workstations.

Scanner computers in LL, SL, GML and MRC

Adobe Creative Cloud Complete MRC  
Adobe Digital Editions All PCs  
Audacity All PCs  
Autodesk Maya MRC  
Cran R with Rcmdr and RStudio VCL  
Eviews 8 and 9 VCL  
Geolytics BD MRC Two workstations
Geolytics CensusCD MRC One workstation only
Geolytics Estimates MRC Two workstations
Google Chrome All PCs  
Internet Explorer All PCs  
iTunes All PCs  
Jing All PCs  
Matlab VCL  
Mendeley MRC  
Microsoft Endpoint Protection All PCs  
Microsoft Office (2013) All PCs Access, Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint, Publisher, Visio, Word
Mozilla Firefox All PCs  
Paint.NET All PCs  
Picasa 3.9 MRC Presentation studio only
Roxio Creator MRC  
SolidWorks MRC One workstation
Stata MRC, VCL  
Windows Media Player All PCs  
WinSCP All PCs  

Mac Software Availability

Mac Software Availability
Software Location Notes
Adobe Acrobat Professional All Macs  
Adobe Creative Cloud Complete MRC  
Adobe Digital Editions MRC  
Audacity All Macs  
Final Cut Studio MRC  
Finale MRC  
Google Chrome All Macs  
iBooks Author All Macs  
iLife 2011 MRC iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb, Garageband
iMovie All Macs  
iTunes All Macs  
Jing All Macs  
Logic Pro MRC  
Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac All Macs  
Mozilla Firefox All Macs  

Note: Macs are available in Science Library's Multimedia Resource Center and Grunigen Medical Center ITC Lab.