Last Modified June 30, 2021

Paging & Pickup

IMPORTANT: Beginning July 1, 2021 through July 29, 2021 requests for paging/pickup and scanning must be made through the online forms below:

Paging & Pickup Request

Article/Book Chapter Scanning Request

The UCI Libraries offers paging & pickup services to current library card holders. You can place your requests through Library Search by clicking Request Pickup once you’ve found the item you would like in Library Search. (Note: You must be signed into your account in Library Search to see this option.) Read more about paging & pickup options here.

Email or text 949-303-7535 if you have questions.

Scanning Service

We are offering free scanning and desktop delivery of book chapters and articles for current library card holders.

Library Barcodes

Students who have not yet gotten their ID cards or who don't know their barcode number can also find it through the CampusGroups mobile app under ID card (more info at Current students can make appointments to get ID cards at the bookstore. You can also email for assistance.

Check Out Locations

  • Langson Library: 2nd Floor Lobby
  • Science Library: First Floor Lobby
  • Grunigen Medical Library - (714) 456-5585 -
  • Multimedia Resources Center: Science Library First Floor - (949) 824-7072 -
  • Law Library: 2nd Floor Lobby - (949) 824-6961 - - Contact the Law Library directly for more information about loan periods.

Express Check Out Locations

  • Langson Library 2nd Floor Lobby
  • Science Library: 1st Floor Lobby

PIN number required. Forgot your PIN?

Loan Periods

You are responsible for knowing the due date of materials you check out.  You can find this by viewing your library account. If you are unsure of your borrowing and access privileges visit the Check-out Desk for more information.

LEGEND: LL = Langson Library, SL = Science Library, GML = Grunigen Medical Library


Item Borrower Loan Period Renewals up to a period of
General Circulating Collection LL, SL & GML UC Faculty & Staff LL & SL 365 days 
GML 90 days; max # of items: 999
LL & SL 400 months
GML 12 months
more information
General Circulating Collection LL, SL & GML UC Graduate Students LL & SL 90 days
GML 90 days; max # of items: 999
LL & SL 400 months
GML 12 months
more information
General Circulating Collection LL, SL & GML UC Undergraduates LL & SL 90 days
GML 90 days; max # of items: 999
LL & SL 400 months
GML 12 months
more information
General Circulating Collection LL, SL & GML Non-UC Affiliates LL & SL 28 days 
GML 14 days; max # of items: varies
LL & SL 5 months
GML 12 months
more information
Lobby Books LL All borrowers 28 days No renewals
Reserves LL & SL UCI Affiliates only 2hrs., 24 hrs., 72 hrs.

No renewals for 2 hour items

48 hours, 144 hours.

Multimedia Resources Center      
Special Collections      
Board Games (Science Library) UCI Affiliates only 7 days No renewals

Recalls and Holds

Most checked-out items are subject to Recalls. Requests for Holds can be placed via Library Search or at any Check Out Desk. If an item is recalled, the new due date will be about 14 days from the date the hold was placed and the borrower will be emailed a  notice with the new due date, unless the original due date is sooner in which case no notice will be sent. Failure to receive notices does not exempt a borrower from fines or a lost book bill. Items with holds must be returned on or before the due date to avoid fines. When checking out items with additional holds, the checkout period will be limited to 14 days. Items with holds placed on them cannot be renewed.

If you need assistance retrieving an item from the shelves for accessibility reasons, please refer to the UCI Libraries Accessibility page.

Non-Circulating Material

Journals, reference materials, and other materials for which the circulation status is "library use only" generally do not circulate. This includes all materials in Special Collections and Archives, which never circulate. For non-circulating material located in the general stacks or the reference collection, the reference librarian on duty may make an exception and determine the length of the loan period after consulting the appropriate subject bibliographer, if one of the following circumstances applies:

  • If the material is needed for a classroom presentation.
  • If the user wants to make a slide or a photograph and needs to take the material elsewhere to do so.
  • If there is more than one copy or edition.
  • If there is a new edition in the Reference Collection.
  • If there are special circumstances approved by a subject bibliographer or the Department head.

Exceptions will be made only for UC Irvine faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students (with faculty approval), or staff with valid UC Irvine Library cards.

Loan Overdues

You are responsible for knowing the due date of materials you check out.  You can find this by viewing your library account.  Failure to receive an overdue or recall notice does not exempt the borrower from fines and/or bills. Any borrower intending to leave the area for an extended period of time should return all library materials before they become overdue or are recalled.  An item is considered overdue if it is not returned to any UC Irvine Library on the due date. The due date will be indicated by:

  • The due date printed on the self-checkout receipt. 
  • The due date and time stamped on Reserve items.
  • The new due date on a recall notice.
  • The due date written on special loans.


  • Loan periods are determined by the instructors who place the materials on Reserve.
  • Return items to the Check Out/Reserve Desk where they were checked out. Overdue fines will apply if the materials are left elsewhere.
  • If a 24-hour or 72-hour item is due at a time when the Check Out/Reserve Desk is closed, Library Search will set the due date to the next time the Check Out/Reserve Desk opens.
  • If checked out within two hours of closing, 2-hour items may be checked out overnight and are due when the Check Out/Reserve Desk opens the next day.
  • Reserves items cannot be renewed.
  • All Reserves items must be handed directly to a Check Out Desk attendant if the Libraries are open.
  • Information about Course Reserves at the MRC.

Materials in the Orange County & Southeast Asian Archive Center (OC & SEAA)

Current library card holders may request at the Langson Library Check Out Desk that materials be paged from OC & SEAA when OC & SEAA is closed.

  • Materials will be available at the Langson Library Check Out Desk by the opening of the next business day.
  • If the paging request is submitted within two hours of Langson Library closing or on the weekend it will be available in two business days.
  • You will be alerted by email when the item is available for you to pick up at the Langson Library Check Out Desk.
  • Materials will be held at the Langson Library Check Out Desk for 7 days.