Who We Are

DSS member Mitchell Brown


ORCID 0000-0002-3366-1281

Scholarly Communication Coordinator / Research Librarian for Chemistry, Earth System Science, and Russian Studies 

I can help you

  • Manage deposit of your publications into open access repositories
  • Grow your scholarly reputation via identity management techniques
  • Track usage of your publications and data via impact metrics
  • Understand better copyright and fair use as an author or a scholar

(949) 824-9732
230 Science Library
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DSS member Tatiana Bryant


ORCID 0000-0002-0408-8674

Research Librarian for Digital Humanities, History, and African American Studies

I can help you

  • Explore Digital Humanities (DH) research methods and tools
  • Develop and manage DH projects and humanities data
  • Connect with other DH researchers on campus and beyond

(949) 824-1640
248 Science Library
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DSS member Wasila Dahdul


ORCID 0000-0003-3162-7490

Data Curation Librarian

I can help you

  • Write effective Data Management Plans (DMPs) to satisfy funding agency requirements and to potentially enhance the competitiveness of your grant proposals
  • Use data management best practices to increase reproducibility of your data
  • Develop metadata to describe your data
  • Deposit your data into open access repositories, ensuring your data is discoverable and citable

Office phone TBD
229 Science Library
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DSS member Madelynn Dickerson


ORCID 0000-0002-4541-4800

Head, Digital Scholarship Services 

I can help you

  • Develop, manage, and assess digital programs and projects at any stage
  • Identify infrastructure, resources, and expertise that match your research needs
  • Plan programs and outreach related to any area of digital scholarship

(949) 824-5678
249 Science Library
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DSS member Danielle Kane


ORCID 0000-0002-4086-0203

Computational Research Librarian

I can help you

  • With research support for computationally-centered, data-driven research, and reproducible research workflow development
  • Use data management best practices to increase reproducibility of your data
  • Set up a Carpentries workshop for your department, class, or lab
  • Plan GIS projects, learn and use GIS software, plus find data for your geospatial projects

(949) 824-2024
226 Science Library
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DSS member Paul Park


Digital Library Developer Analyst

I can help you

  • Understand and use technical elements of the Libraries’ digital repositories and digital preservation systems
  • Manage feature development to enhance or expand repositories’ and systems’ functions
  • Explore and adapt information technologies for digital projects
  • Script work flow processes

(949) 824-0193
241 Science Library

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