Guide to Call Number & Subject Locations




Langson Library Journals
Journal Type Floor plans (links currently unavailable for software update)
Current Basement Compact Shelving*
Bound Basement Compact Shelving *  
Langson Library Books
Call Number Range Subjects Floor plans
A General Works Basement Compact Shelving *
B Philosophy, Religion, Psychology Basement Compact Shelving *
C General History 1st floor
D-DS 299 World History 1st floor
DS 300-DX World History 3rd floor
E History of the Americas 3rd floor
F History of the Americas 3rd floor
G-GA Atlases, Maps 3rd floor
GF-GV Anthropology 3rd floor
H Social Sciences 3rd floor
J Political Science 3rd floor
K Law 3rd floor
L Education 3rd floor
M Music 4th floor
N Fine Arts 4th floor
P-PS Literature, Film 4th floor
PT-PZ Literature 4th floor
TR Photography 4th floor
TT Handicrafts 4th floor
TX Home Economics 4th floor
Z Bibliography, Library Sciences 4th floor
Other Langson Library Book Collections
Collection Floor plans
East Asian Collection/East Asian New Books 1st Floor
Korea Corner 1st Floor
New Books 2nd Floor
Orange County and California Information Basement Compact Shelving *
Oversize, Double Oversize, Triple Oversize Basement Compact Shelving *
Reference 1st floor
Microforms Basement Compact Shelving *
Collection Floor plans

Libraries Gateway Study Center

Gateway Study Center Orange County Regional History & Southeast Asian Archive 1st Floor


Call Number Range Subjects Floor plans
Science Library Books and Journals
A - P Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 4th floor
QA Math, Computer Science 4th floor
QB-QC Astronomy/Physics 4th floor
QD Chemistry 4th floor
QE Geosciences 4th floor
QH-QL Biology, Botany, Zoology 4th floor
S Agriculture 4th floor
T Technology and Engineering 4th floor & 6th floor
U & V Military & Naval Science 6th floor
W Medicine, Nursing, & Allied Health 6th floor
Z Bibliography of Science and Medicine 6th floor
Collection Floor plans
Other Science Library Collections
Oversize, Double Oversize, Triple Oversize 6th floor
US Government Information 6th floor

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Outline of the Library of Congress Classification (for a detailed subject breakdown).

Outline of the National Library of Medicine Classification (for breakdown of medical headings QS - QZ and W).