Interlibrary Loan

The UCI Libraries are closed until further notice. Interlibrary Loan remains operational on a digital and remote basis. ILL staff are working remotely to fill electronic requests when possible. Physical materials cannot be requested or received at this time. Staff will try to locate, borrow, or buy digital content when possible. Please continue to request via Melvyl Request or the Citation Linker. There will be a delay in usual turnaround times. Please contact ILL staff at with any questions. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Campus Closure FAQs

What materials can I request via ILL during the closure?
We are unable to process or receive physical items, including books, DVDs, and microfilm. We are currently processing requests for journal articles and single book chapters, as well as other limited material that can be borrowed digitally. Please keep in mind that many lenders and suppliers are also affected by this situation.

How long will it take to receive electronic items?
Our usual turnaround time will be impacted due to library closures across the country. We are processing as quickly as possible, but please note there may be significant delays.

Can I request and receive eBooks?
Unfortunately, most eBooks cannot be borrowed via ILL. We can usually borrow single chapters, however. Consider recommending an ebook purchase at if this cannot meet your research needs. Please note physical items cannot be purchased at this time; only eBooks and digital content can be considered for purchase.

Should I return my ILL items before leaving campus?
If you have items due shortly and are able, you can return items in the drop boxes at either library. However, we are working on arranging automatic renewals for items coming due shortly. If you do return your items it will not be reflected in your library account until staff are able to return onsite.

Will I be billed for items coming due during the closure dates?
ILL staff are working hard to extend due dates and suspend recalls and billing to the fullest extent possible. Because some automated billing may happen that is outside of our control, please email ILL staff at with specific inquiries.

How do I find/get my library barcode so I can place an ILL request?

If you are unsure of your library barcode please email for assistance.


The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service enables UCI students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries that are not available at the UCI Libraries. Before requesting an item through ILL, make sure it is not available at any UCI library by using Library Search. ILL requests can be placed electronically using the methods below.


Request an item:

I am looking for Try this service first Try this service next
Books Melvyl UC-eLinks
Articles UC-eLinks n/a
Videos Melvyl UC-eLinks
Dissertations Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest)* Melvyl
Government documents UC-eLinks n/a


Manage my account using My ILL Requests

Manage my DDS (Document Delivery Service) (UCI faculty, graduate students, and administrators only)

Transfer a book/media or journal/article between Grunigen Medical Library and Langson Library or Science Library.

If none of the options above work, try using the ILL Request Form for books or articles/book chapters.

*Connect from off-campus using the VPN  for best results. If full-text dissertation is unavailable use UC-eLinks.

Contact Us

Please include the ILL number of your item when contacting the Interlibrary Loan Department.

Langson Library Interlibrary Loan
(949) 824-6839 |

Science Library Interlibrary Loan
(949) 824-7511 |

Grunigen Medical Library (GML) Interlibrary Loan
(714) 456-5581 |

Law Library
(949) 824-7261 |