Digital Scholarship Services (DSS)

DSS fosters the use of digital content and transformative technology in scholarship and academic activities. We work with the campus community to publish, promote, and preserve the digital products of research in several areas:

Scholarly Communication - Comply with UC Open Access Policies. Extend the reach of publications. Manage your reputation. Track impact.

Data Curation - Write grant winning Data Management Plans. Deposit data into repositories for access and preservation. Increase reproducibility.

Digital Production  - Build collections. Digitize/reformat materials for preservation. Computationally mine, visualize, and annotate content.

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Visit our Artists' Books site that contains an innovative Discovery Tool developed using a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant!


Explore Dryad - an easy-to-use data publication and archiving service. Data sharing made effortless!


Disseminate your research and publications using eScholarship - an open-access scholarly platform.

EZID Identifiers made easy
Use EZID - create and manage long-term globally unique identifiers for your data and other sources.