Find an Article

How do I find an article on a topic?

Do a keyword search in one or more of the resources from the Databases to Get You Started to find articles on a subject.

Academic Search Complete or Web of Knowledge will help you find articles on a wide variety of topics.

Librarians’ Research Guides recommend specialized resources to find articles in specific subject areas like Psychology, Biology, or Art.  Search by the subject area (i.e. Music or Business or Engineering) to find the guide on your topic.

Use the Databases tab on the Find Online Resources page to look for words in the title of the article database or to browse by subject.

How do I find the full-text of an article?

Use UC-eLinks  to locate full-text of articles after you’ve done your search in any of the libraries’ article databases. (See How do I find an article?)  Click on the UC-eLinks icon.  Sometimes the full article will appear and sometimes you will need to follow the instructions that appear.

Some library databases include the full-text of articles.  Look for a link that says HTML Full-Text or PDF Full-Text or simply HTML or PDF.  You don’t need to use UC-eLinks when the full-text is available as part of the database.

How do I find an article when I have the citation, i.e. I know the author, article title, journal title, volume, date, and page numbers of the article I want?

Enter the information you have into the UCeLinks Citation Linker form.  Note that you must have the journal title and the date of the article at a minimum.