Paging & Pickup Services

Last Updated September 5, 2023

Patrons can request for library materials to be be paged from the collection and made available for pickup at a variety of service points.

Who can request materials to pickup?

All users with current library cards can request items. If your card has expired or you would like more information about how to get a library card, email

What can I request?

Items from Langson Library, Science Library, OC&SEAA, Grunigen Medical Library, Law Library, and select items from Multimedia Resources Center can be requested through UC Library Search. (Ability to request items is based on the type of item and your affiliation with UCI.)

How do I make a request?

Once you find the item you wish, click Request Pickup and follow the prompts. You must be signed into UC Library Search to do this.

How long does it take for something to be paged?

  • Paging generally takes 2 business days.
  • Delivery to and from the Grunigen Medical Library in Orange, CA can take up to 5 business days.

Where can I pick up my item?

When completing the Request Pickup form in UC Library Search, you can select from the following pickup locations:

When can I pickup?

Pickups at Check Out Desks are offered during our current building hours. Pickups at the outdoor Smart Lockers can occur at any time within your 3 day pickup window. 

How do I use the Smart Lockers?

See for detailed information on location and use of smart lockers. 

There is no option in UC Library Search to Request Pickup. What do I do?

Not everything is available to circulate. For these items you may be able to Request Article/Chapter Scan of portions of the item. If you have questions, email us at

What do I do if I still have questions?

Email us at