Subject Librarians

Note About Contacting Librarians by Phone:

When dialing from a campus phone, just dial '4' plus the last four digits of the phone number. Calls from home, dorm rooms, or other off-campus locations require the three-digit prefix.

Subject librarians
Subject Librarian Phone (949)
Art Derek Quezada quezadad 824-4967
Dance Scott Stone stonesm 824-8351
Drama Scott Stone stonesm 824-8351
Music Scott Stone stonesm 824-8351
Biological Sciences
Developmental & Cell Biology John Sisson jsisson 824-4980
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology John Sisson jsisson 824-4980
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry John Sisson jsisson 824-4980
Neurobiology & Behavior John Sisson jsisson 824-4980
Business & Management
Business Annette Buckley annetteb 824-0360
East Asian Collection
East Asian Collection Ying Zhang yingz 824-0489
Education Nicole Arnold nsarnold 824-7780
Biomedical Engineering Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Civil & Environmental Engineering Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Global Peace & Conflict Studies
Global Peace & Conflict Studies Brian Williams brianrw 824-0473
Government Information
U.S.California and Orange County Brian Williams brianrw 824-0473
African American Studies Krystal Tribbett ktribbet 824-9027
Art History Nicole Helregel helregel 824-2490
Asian American Studies Thuy Vo Dang thuy.vodang 824-1878
Classics Nicole Arnold nsarnold 824-7780
Comparative Literature Loren Valterza lvalterz 824-2205
Critical Theory      
Culture & Theory Loren Valterza lvalterz 824-2205
East Asian Languages & Literatures Ying Zhang yingz 824-0489
English Loren Valterza lvalterz 824-2205
Film & Media Studies Josh Hutchinson jchutchi 824-8938
French & Italian Loren Valterza lvalterz 824-2205
Gender and Sexuality Studies Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
German Nicole Arnold nsarnold 824-7780
History Madelynn Dickerson mrosed 824-5678
Philosophy Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
Religious Studies Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
Russian Studies Mitchell Brown mcbrown 824-9732
Spanish & Portuguese Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
Visual Studies Nicole Helregel helregel 824-2490
Information & Computer Science
Computer Science Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Informatics Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Statistics Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Medicine & Health Sciences
Medicine Hector Perez-Gilbe perezhr 824-6957
Medicine Steve Clancy sclancy 824-7309
Medicine Linda Murphy lmurphy 824-6419
Complementary & Alternative Medicine Linda Murphy lmurphy 824-6419
Medical Education Steve Clancy sclancy 824-7309
Medical Education Linda Murphy lmurphy 824-6419
Nursing & Allied Health Steve Clancy sclancy 824-7309
Pharmaceutical Sciences Hector Perez-Gilbe perezhr 824-6957
Pharmacology Hector Perez-Gilbe perezhr 824-6957
Public Health Hector Perez-Gilbe perezhr 824-6957
Physical Sciences
Chemistry Mitchell Brown mcbrown 824-9732
Earth System Science Mitchell Brown mcbrown 824-9732
Mathematics Nicole Helregel helregel 824-2490
Physics & Astronomy Nicole Helregel helregel 824-2490
Social Ecology
Criminology, Law & Society Brian Williams brianrw 824-0473
Psychology & Social Behavior Nicole Carpenter ncarp 824-3275
Urban Planning & Public Policy Julia Gelfand jgelfand 824-4971
Social Sciences
Anthropology Nicole Carpenter ncarp 824-3275
Chicano/Latino Studies Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
Cognitive Sciences Nicole Carpenter ncarp 824-3275
Economics Annette Buckley annetteb 824-0360
Linguistics Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
Logic & Philosophy of Science Christina Woo cjwoo 824-4974
Mathematical Behavioral Sciences Brian Williams brianrw 824-0473
Political Science Brian Williams brianrw 824-0473
Social Science Data Nicole Carpenter ncarp 824-3275
Sociology Nicole Carpenter ncarp 824-3275
Southeast Asian Archives
  Thuy  Vo Dang tvodang 824-4968
Special Collections and Archives
University Archives
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