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So Simple a Beginning: 150 Years of Darwin recognizes the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's seminal work of scientific literature, On the Origin of Species, as well as the 200th year of his birth. The exhibit will be on view in the Langson Library until May 2010. The exhibit traces the development and influence of Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection, starting with the Beagle expedition in 1831 and ending with the publication of On the Origin of the Species in 1859. It also describes the scientific and religious debate over Darwin's findings, and its influence on art, literature, and business. The scope of the exhibit reaches today as his theories are present in our current vernacular with well known phrases, such as "Darwinian," "survival of the fittest," and "what separates us from the animals." John Sisson, UCI Research Librarian for Biological Sciences is the curator.


Stage to Stage

Stage to Stage: The Theatrical Work of Robert Cohen celebrates the accomplishments over more than forty years of UCI’s renowned stage director and distinguished professor of acting. Robert Cohen, currently Claire Trevor Professor of Drama, is one of UCI’s most notable founding faculty members. Since arriving in 1965, he has directed more than seventy productions on campus and thirty on the professional stage, published twelve books on acting and theater, written new plays and translated classic ones. In 1993 he was awarded the UCI Medal, the campus’s highest honor, and in 1999 he received the ATHA Career Achievement Award from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education.



From Papyrus to Digital

From Papyrus to Digital: UCI’s Thesaurus of Ancient Greek Texts traced the transmission of the Greek text via an array of media – from fragile papyri and stone inscriptions, to codex manuscripts and printed books, and in recent years, digital media – that have been used to distribute and preserve Greek texts over the past 3000 years. It also addressed how the TLG undertook the monumental task of creating a comprehensive digital library of Greek texts at a time when the necessary technologies did not exist. The central roles played by initial donor Marianne McDonald, software designer David Packard, and founding director Theodore Brunner were highlighted. Items on display included rare books and a collection of artifacts illustrating the development of the TLG and its technologies.


War Within

The War Within: Dissent During Crisis in America examined issues of war, peace, dissent and dialogue during critical periods in the 20th century when free speech and civil liberties were threatened. The exhibit explored the Japanese internment during World War II; conscientious objectors, also during World War II; student protests during the Vietnam War; and McCarthyism during the Cold War.

The exhibit was curated by Steve MacLeod, Public Services Coordinator for the Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives. The opening event was held on May 31, 2006, and was co-sponsored by the UCI Difficult Dialogues Project.




SEAAdoc is an educational resource of the Southeast Asian Archive at the UC Irvine Libraries focusing on post-1975 refugees and immigrants from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and the communities they have developed in the United States. It contains 1,500 visual images and 4,000 pages of searchable text selected from the Archive to represent a cross section of our holdings. SEAAdoc documents the exodus of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants from their homelands, their experiences in Asian refugee camps, and subsequent resettlement in the United States. Other materials reveal cultural, economic, educational, political, and social aspects of the new Southeast Asian American communities that have developed, and continue to grow, in the United States.



Anteater Chronicles: A UC Irvine Story

This website is a service of the University Archives in the UCI Libraries presenting topics in UCI history, as well as databases of campus buildings, founding faculty, significant events, Olympic athletes, and more.



Quest for Peace

The Quest for Peace Interviews 1983-1989 are collections of half-hour interviews with a wide range of world-renowned experts such as Condoleezza Rice, Norman Cousins, John Kenneth Galbraith and Julian Bond on the pursuit of lasting world peace in a nuclear age. These interviews were conducted between 1983-1989 by UCI Prof. John M. Whiteley and were broadcast throughout the country on cable and public access stations.


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