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  • Receive assistance with accessing and using campus-licensed software:
    • ArcGIS: create & analyze geographic data
    • HIRC Research Toolkit: a suite of tools developed for UCI researchers by Health Informatics and Research Computing, including:
      • CDT & UC ReX: use de-identified patient data to identify potential research cohorts and propose study hypotheses
      • OnCore: manage clinical research trials
      • REDCap: build and manage online surveys and databases
      • myResearch: access statistics software packages such as SAS, STATA, JMP, SPSS, and more via web browser
  • Recieve assistance identifying and using domain-specific software for annotation, interpretation, and visualization:
    • DiRT: a directory of digital research tools for scholarly use
    • WordHoard: close reading and scholarly analysis of deeply tagged texts
    • ImagePlot: visualize & explore patterns in large image & video collections
    • ATLAS.ti: software suite for qualitative data analysis
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