3D Printing Tips

Once the 3D printed object is done and removed from the build plate it may require some post-processing. This may include:

  • removing the raft and/or support material
  • removing tiny strings of filament or small blobs of melted plastic
  • smoothing imperfections
  • fastening two or more pieces together

Most post processing, for example removing raft and support material and tiny strings of filament can be done by hand. Smoothing imperfections can be easily done with a fine file and/or fine grit sand paper, in addition to a drill/Dremel tool with a grinder or sand paper attachment.

Fastening two or more parts together can be done with a variety of adhesives including super glue, epoxy, solvents, friction, or hot air. See the below links for more details about using solvents, friction, or hot air to weld together plastic parts.

Some useful links are:

Model Repair Service

Skill Builder: Finishing and Post Processing Your 3D Printed Objects

Stratasys: Finishing bonding and gluing