ANTswers: Your Interactive FAQ



ANTswers is an experimental computer program which can answer simple questions about library resources and services.

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About ANTswers

Released in 2014, ANTswers is an experimental chatbot that can answer questions about the UC Irvine Libraries. Talk to ANTswers using simple and short questions. Reply to questions with yes or no, or respond using the prompts supplied by ANTswers. The first link in a response will appear in a preview window, when you click on other links they will open in a new window.

This service was developed using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language). You can find more information about AIML at


Terms of Service

ANTswers is intended to help library patrons with simple questions about library resources and services. For more complicated reference questions, please use Ask a Librarian.

Library staff monitor and use ANTswers logs to continue to improve and refine the service. No personal information, beyond the chat logs, is kept by the system unless provided by you in the course of your ANTSwers conversation. For more information: UC Irvine Libraries Privacy Statement.