Ask a Librarian - Privacy

The UCI Libraries are committed to protecting the privacy of users of our collections and services. The information we collect during Ask a Librarian transactions is kept in the strictest confidence and is used only to provide and improve these services. Occasionally, we may transfer your question to a UCI Libraries' staff member who is outside the Ask a Librarian service. However, all UCI Libraries' staff follow the American Library Association Code of Ethics, which proscribes that "we protect each user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted."

The Ask a Librarian services collect limited personal information for several reasons. We need a name, email address and UCI affiliation to properly answer your question and send you a response. We need your IP address and browser type to determine software compatibility and to analyze service patterns. We may ask additional questions to clarify your request.

Ask a Librarian EMAIL: We delete all personal information (name, email address and computer IP address) after 35 days. We retain information about callers' UCI affiliation and browser type for statistical purposes and we retain your questions for training and research purposes.

Ask a Librarian CHAT: Please the see the University of California Libraries’ privacy statement for Ask a Librarian

While answering your question, we might refer you to web sites that are not maintained by the UCI Libraries. Examples include full-text online journals, article indexes and web sites for other UCI departments. Please note that these sites may have different privacy policies and that the UCI Libraries have no control or responsibility for these policies.

While we do whatever we can to protect your privacy, please be aware that information or files transferred via the Internet or stored on Internet-accessible computers may be vulnerable to unscrupulous users. We urge you to use caution and follow accepted Internet safety guidelines. See the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse or CERT for more detailed more information.

This statement will be revised as appropriate and updates will be posted to this site.