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Course Name Instructor
African American Studies 040A -- African American I MURILLO, JOHN
African American Studies 111A -- Modern Afam Art COOKS CUMBO, BRIDGET
African American Studies 113 -- Black TV & Chill MURILLO, JOHN
African American Studies 138 -- Black Woman and Violence MILLWARD, JESSICA
African American Studies 143 -- Black Popular Music MUTERE, MATILDA
African American Studies 163 -- Black Feminist Theory and Activism MUTERE, MATILDA
Anthropology 002A -- Intro to Cultural Anthropology BERNAL, VICTORIA
Anthropology 139 -- Islam in America HAMDY, SHERINE
Anthropology 245A -- Political Anthropology BERNAL, VICTORIA
Art 081A -- DigiFilm Production I JACKSON, JAMES
Art 132A -- DigiFilm Pre Production JACKSON, JAMES
Art History 042E -- Egypt, Persia, Mesopotami CANEPA, MATTHEW
Art History 145C -- LA Architecture MASSEY, LYLE
Art History 155 -- Medieval India PATEL, ALKA
Art History 165A -- Early American Art WHITING, CECILE
Asian American Studies 050 -- ASAM Histories FUJITA-RONY, DOROTHY
Asian American Studies 054 -- ASAM Stories LEE, JULIA
Asian American Studies 114 -- Asian American Literature and Film Adaptation SHROFF, BEHEROZE
Asian American Studies 143 -- Religious Trad Asam KOH-PARSONS, SUEJEANNE
Asian American Studies 200A -- Theory and Methods in Asian American Studies LEE, JULIA
Biological Sciences 045 -- AIDS fundamentals TENNER, ANDREA
Biological Sciences 097 -- Genetics CINQUIN, OLIVIER
Biological Sciences 103 (D103) -- Cell biology ATWOOD, SCOTT
Biological Sciences 109 (E109) -- Human physiology LOUDON, CATHERINE
Biological Sciences 121 (M121) -- Immunology with hematology FRUMAN, DAVID
Biological Sciences 124a (M124) -- Virology BUCHMEIER, MICHAEL
Biological Sciences 131 (M131) -- Innate immunity, infection and pathogenesis LODOEN, MELISSA
Biological Sciences 137 (D137) -- Eukaryotic and human genetics SCHILLING, THOMAS
Biological Sciences 143 (M143) -- Human parasitology MORRISSETTE, NAOMI
Biological Sciences 153 (E153) -- Genome evolution RANZ NAVALPOTRO, JOSE
Biological Sciences 153 (N153) -- Neuropharmacology FOWLER, CHRISTIE
Biomedical Engineering 135 -- Photomedicine BERNS, MICHAEL
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 176 -- Nuclear and radiochemistry FINKELDEI, SARAH
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 276 -- Nuclear and radiochemistry FINKELDEI, SARAH
Chemistry 001 -- General Chemistry
Chemistry 030 (H030) -- Critical analysis of health science literature JENKS, ANGELA
Chemistry 051abc -- Organic Chemistry Howitz, William
Chemistry 052 lab (H052l, M052l) -- Honors/Majors organic chemistry laboratory KING, SUSAN
Chemistry 107 -- Inorganic chemistry HEYDUK, ALAN
Chemistry 125 -- Advanced organic chemistry RYCHNOVSKY, SCOTT
Chemistry 133 -- Nuclear and radiochemistry FINKELDEI, SARAH
Chemistry 216 -- Organometallic chemistry EVANS, WILLIAM
Chemistry 233 -- Nuclear and radiochemistry FINKELDEI, SARAH
Chicano/Latino Studies 061 -- Introduction to Chicano-Latino Studies ROSAS, ANA
Chicano/Latino Studies 101 -- Research in Latino Communities DESIPIO, LOUIS
Chicano/Latino STudies 159 -- Gender and Ethnicity: Chicana/Latinas in the U.S. FLORES, GLENDA
Computer Science 132 -- Computer networks JORDAN, SCOTT
Computer Science 177 -- Applications of probability in computer science SUDDERTH, ERIK
Computer Science 261p -- Data structures DILLENCOURT, MICHAEL
Criminology, Law and Society 100 -- Dispute Resolution BERK, HILLARY
Criminology, Law and Society 101 -- American Law BERK, HILLARY
Criminology, Law and Society 112 -- Legal Sanctions and Social Control Maziarka, Kristen
Criminology, Law and Society 113 -- Gender and Social Control BERK, HILLARY
Criminology, Law and Society 160 -- Forensic Psychology SCURICH, NICHOLAS
Culture and Theory 289 -- Transnational/Translocal Cinema and Media BENAMOU, CATHERINE
Dance 090A -- Dance History COREY, MARY
Dance 296 -- Proseminar in Dance History COREY, MARY
Drama 050 -- Introduction to Costume Design FROEHLICH, MARCIA
Drama 150 / Drama 280A -- Techniques Costume: Corsetry FROEHLICH, MARCIA
Drama 164A -- History of Costume and Culture DURBIN, HOLLY
Earth System Science 001 -- Introduction to earth system science FERGUSON, JULIE
Earth System Science 142 -- Atmospheric chemistry SALTZMAN, ERIC
East Asian Studies 140 -- Korean Popular Culture KIM, KYUNG
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 207 -- Quantitative methods in Ecology and Evolution HENRY, AMY
Economics 001 -- Intro to Economics SARRAF, GEORGE
Economics 015A -- Prob & Stats Econ I SHIREY, PAUL
Economics 020A -- Basic Economics CHEN, JIAWEI
Economics 020B -- Basic Economics II RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, JOSE ANTONIO
Economics 023 -- Basic Econ for Engs RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, JOSE ANTONIO
Economics 025 -- Econ Acctg Decs MARI, RAFFAELE
Economics 100A -- Intermediate Economics I JHA, PRIYARANJAN
Economics 100C -- Intermediate Economics III ROCHETEAU, GUILLAUME
Economics 115 -- Behavioral Economics KOPYLOV, IGOR
Economics 122A -- Applied Econometric I DONG, YINGYING
Economics 131A -- Econ Risk & Uncertainty CHERNYSHOFF, NATALIA
Economics 132A -- Intro Financial Investments MARI, RAFFAELE
Economics 140 -- Managerial Econ AGGARWAL, NEERJA
Economics 145E -- Econ of Environment SARRAF, GEORGE
Economics 145L -- Economics of Law JIANG, LAI
Economics 149 -- Development Economics ARTHI, VELLORE
Economics 161A -- Money & Banking GARFINKEL, MICHELLE
Education 040 -- Theories of Development and Learning Applied to Education HANSEN, JANICE
Education 040 -- Theories of Development and Learning Applied to Education HANSEN, JANICE
Education 050 -- Issues in K-12 Education GOODRIDGE, SHANE
Education 104D -- Arts and Human Development BROUILLETTE, LIANE
Education 107 -- Child Development in Education REICH, STEPHANIE
Education 108 -- Adolescent Development in Education HANSEN, JANICE
Education 130 / Informatix 164 -- Children's Learning and Digital Media BLACK, REBECCA
Education 147 -- Education, Poverty, and Social Change JENKINS, JADE
Education 226 -- University Teaching SANDHOLTZ, JUDITH
Education 276 -- Early Childhood Education Policy JENKINS, JADE
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 241a -- Digital communications 1 AYANOGLU, ENDER
Engineering 007a -- Introduction to engineering 1 WU, LIANG
Engineering 030 -- Statics SUN, LIZHI
Engineering, Civil and Environmental 030 -- Statics SUN, LIZHI
Engineering, Civil and Environmental 250 -- Finite element method in structural engineering SUN, LIZHI
Engineering, Materials Science 158 -- Ceramic materials MECARTNEY, MARTHA
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 030 -- Statics SUN, LIZHI
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 107 -- Fluid thermal lab WANG, YUN
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 270a -- Linear systems 1 GEORGIOU, TRYPHON
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 295 -- GNSS signals & SDR KASSAS, ZAK
European Studies 103 -- Yiddish Language and Culture LEVINE, GLENN
Film and Media Studies 110 -- Film and Media Theory SCHMITT, MARY
Film and Media Studies 192 -- Special Topics in Directing: Directing Narrative FUJITA-RONY, DOROTHY
Finance 210 -- Foundations of Finance HUANG, LINGWEN
French 001
French 002
Gender and Sexuality Studies 050A -- Gender and Feminism SAMEH, CATHERINE
Gender and Sexuality Studies 120B -- Image Problems PROCTOR-HABIL, BRITTNAY
History 011 -- Genocide and crimes against humanity since WW2 COLLER, IAN
History 012 -- Mao to Now BAUM, EMILY
History 015F -- What to eat? CHEN, YONG
History 021A -- World: Innovations RAPHAEL, RENEE
History 070C -- Histories of Violence across the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands ROSAS, ANA
History 070F -- First Encounters SEED, PATRICIA
History 132D -- Armenians and Armenia in Ancient to Early Modern World History BERBERIAN, HOURI
History 164A / African American Studies 134A -- Caribbean History I JAMES, WINSTON
History 172G -- Postwar Japan RAGSDALE, KATHRYN
History 172G -- Postwar Japan RAGSDALE, KATHRYN
History 190 -- Apartheid & Resistance MITCHELL, LAURA
History 190 -- U.S. Health Inequality HIGHSMITH, ANDREW
History 230 -- Early Modern Medicine RAPHAEL, RENEE
History 240 -- Global History of Science RAPHAEL, RENEE
History 260 -- African American History JAMES, WINSTON
Humanities 001 -- Humanities Core BEAUCHAMP, TAMARA
Humanities H120 -- Honors Prosem Hist MCLOUGHLIN, NANCY
Informatics 043 -- Introduction to software engineering NASR, KRISTINA
Informatics 131 -- Human Computer Interaction BIETZ, MATTHEW
Information and Computer Science 053 -- Principles in system design WONG-MA, JENNIFER
International Studies 001 -- Introduction to Global Studies MCCARTY, PHILIP
International Studies 015 -- Global Political Economy OLIVEIRA, GUSTAVO
International Studies 103A -- Global and Planetary Health GOLDSTEIN, RUTH
International Studies 112A -- International Business SCHLOSSER, SEYMOUR
International Studies 15 -- Global Political Economy OLIVEIRA, GUSTAVO
International Studies 183A -- Global and International Forum MCCARTY, PHILIP
International Studies 241B -- Seminar in International Relations Theory SOLINGEN, ETEL
Italian 150 -- Renaissance Theater SHEMEK, DEANNA
Japanese 001
Japanese 002
Japanese 003
Language Science 051 -- Acquisition of Language PEARL, LISA
Law 300 - Introduction to American Law LINDQUIST, ROBERT
Law 301 - Research, Analysis, and Writing in American Law PARK, EUNICE
Law 306 - Contracts for LLM - Webster
Law 500 - Common Law Analysis: Contracts MIN, DAVID
Law 500 - Common Law Analysis: Contracts KIM, SUNG EUN
Law 503 - Statutory Analysis GLATER, JONATHAN
Law 503 - Statutory Analysis NATAPOFF, ALEXANDRA
Law 503 - Statutory Analysis SIMONS, KENNETH
Law 504 - Procedural Analysis TALESH, SHAUHIN
Law 504 - Procedural Analysis WHYTOCK, CHRISTOPHER
Law 504 - Procedural Analysis LEE, STEPHEN
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I WEINSTEIN, HENRY
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I ROSS, EZRA
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I TONNER, GRACE
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I MIKKOR, ALISON
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I CULVER, LESLIE
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I CROSKERY-ROBERTS, RACHEL
Law 506A - Lawyering Skills I TICE, BEATRICE
Law 507A - Legal Profession I BALLAKRISHNEN, SWETHAA
Law 507A - Legal Profession I SOUTHWORTH, ANN
Law 507A - Legal Profession I KOH, JENNIFER
Law 508 - Legal Research Practicum PIERUCCI, JESSICA
Law 508 - Legal Research Practicum FLYNTZ, MATTHEW
Law 508 - Legal Research Practicum ATCHISON, AMY
Law 5104 - Accounting for Lawyers RAJARAMAN, BALAKRISHNAN
Law 511 - Business Associations WEBSTER, ROBERT
Law 512 - Constitutional Law: First Amendment PALACIOS, DIANA
Law 513 - Criminal Procedure SOBEL, STACEY
Law 513 - Criminal Procedure GUSTAFSON, KAARYN
Law 514 - Evidence PUERTAS, LINDA
Law 516 - Federal Income Tax BLANK, JOSHUA
Law 517 - Property WRIGHT, CLAIRE
Law 5174 - International Tax MARIAN, OMRI
Law 5176 - The Law of Tax Exempt Organizations RICHARDSON, MATTHEW
Law 518 - Remedies WRIGHT, CLAIRE
Law 522 - Banking Regulation MIN, DAVID
Law 523 - Bankruptcy Law JIMENEZ, DALIE
Law 5280 - Securities Litigation and Enforcement SHEETZ, DARRYL
Law 5283 - Securities Regulation BISHOP, KEITH
Law 5310 - Supreme Court & Public Policy MATE, MANOJ
Law 5350 - Entertainment & Sports Law HUSHEK, ALLISON
Law 5352 - Television Dealmaking LA TERZA, NICHOLAS
Law 5355 - Complex Commercial Litigation - Barry
Law 541 - Community Property SCHUMANN, TAM
Law 542 - Family Law STOEVER, JANE
Law 545 - Copyright Law REESE, R.
Law 552 - International Business Transactions WESTON, RAY
Law 5531 - International Economic Law - Qureshi
Law 554 - International Human Rights SHAFFER, GREGORY
Law 5633 - Biotechnology and The Law GOODWIN, MICHELE
Law 5677 - Art Law SWANLUND, MATTHEW
Law 568 - Jurisprudence: The Canon of American Legal Thought SHAFFER, GREGORY
Law 577 - Election Law HASEN, RICHARD
Law 578 - Environmental Law CAMACHO, ALEJANDRO
Law 582 - Media Law GOLLER, KARLENE
Law 5840 - So You Want to Change the Law? Mastering the Legislative and Congressional Process and Politics DUNN, JOSEPH
Law 585 - Land Use and Development Control Law DIMENTO, JOSEPH
Law 5904 - Estate & Gift Taxation KATZENSTEIN, ANDREW
Law 5912 - Depositions ROSS, EZRA
Law 592 - Negotiation MENKEL-MEADOW, CARRIE
Law 5921 - Problem Solving, Decision Making & Professional Judgement MENKEL-MEADOW, CARRIE
Law 594 - Trial Advocacy STEIN, DAVID
Law 5941 - Criminal Trial Advocacy: Prosecution and Defense Perspectives DHANIDINA, HALIM
Law 5950 - Corporate Tax BLANK, JOSHUA
Law 597AL - Advanced Civil Rights Litigation Clinic HOFFMAN, PAUL
Law 597AL - Advanced Civil Rights Litigation Clinic WCC PARTOW, MELANIE
Law 597H - International Human Rights SWEETSER, CATHERINE
Law 597L - Civil Rights Litigation Clinic HOFFMAN, PAUL
Law C275 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law TALESH, SHAUHIN
Management 030A -- Principles of Accounting I ZHU, CHENQI
Management 102 -- Managing Organization Behavior HITE, JENNIFER
Management 149 -- Derivatives SUN, ZHENG
Management 165 -- US Health Care System LEVITT, MELISA
Management 190 -- Advertising SHEPPARD, VALERIE
Management 190 -- Global Healthcare Systems LEVITT, MELISA
Management 191 -- Business Communications HITE, JENNIFER
Management 208 -- Operational Excellence TURNER, JOHN
Medical Education 553ab -- Latinos and medical care LEBRON, ALANA
Music 144W -- Franz Schubert BRODBECK, DAVID
Music 220 -- Reading the Beatles BRODBECK, DAVID
Music 45 -- History of Film Music REARDON, COLLEEN
Pharmaceutical Science 171 -- Physical biochemistry Wych, David
Physics 007cde -- Classical physics
Physics 020a -- Introduction to astronomy SMECKER-HANE, TAMMY
Political Science 021A -- Introduction to American Government THOMSEN, DANIELLE
Political Science 041A -- Introduction to International Relations HARDT, HEIDI
Political Science 061 -- Introduction to U.S. Race and Ethnic Politics DESIPIO, LOUIS
Political Science 125A -- United States Congress THOMSEN, DANIELLE
Political Science 149 / International Studies 189 -- East Asia Security and the North Korean Crisis SOLINGEN, ETEL
Political Science 159 -- American Government in Comparative Perspective GROFMAN, BERNARD
Political Science 159 -- European Politics KASTART, WYNAND
Political Science 171AW -- Law and Society SELLGREN, SHERILYN
Political Science 260B -- Political Participation UHLANER, CAROLE
Psychological Science 101D -- Life-Span Development HECKHAUSEN, JUTTA
Psychological Science 102C -- Abnormal Psychology JAMNER, LARRY
Psychological Science 104S -- The Social Animal DITTO, PETER
Psychological Science 137H -- Human Stress YIM, ILONA
Psychological Science 138 -- The Moral of the Story MONROE, KRISTEN
Psychological Science 139H -- Clinical Sports Psychology MCEWAN, STEPHANIE
Psychological Science 153C -- Developmental Psychopathology DONCKELS, JESSICA
Psychological Science 173S -- Social Relationship Castro, Amy
Psychology 007 / Psychological Science 009 -- Intro to Psychology LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 007A -- Intro to Psychology HAGEDORN, JOHN
Psychology 021A -- Adolescent Psychology LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 111A / Psychology 112A -- Experimental Psychology CHERNYAK, NADIA
Psychology 119 -- Introduction to fMRI Reserarch GROSSMAN, EMILY
Psychology 120A -- Abnormal Psychology LEWIS, JACKLYN
Psychology 124 -- Sport Psychology LEWIS, JACKLYN
Psychology 130A -- Perception and Sensory Processes RICHARDS, VIRGINIA
Psychology 140M -- Human Memory HAGEDORN, JOHN
Psychology 169 -- Consciousness & the Brain SABERI, KOUROSH
Psychology and Social Behavior 011 / Psychology 009 Introduction to Psychology LEVINE, LINDA
Public Health 007a -- Public health statistics 1 NOYMER, ANDREW
Public Health 060 -- Environmental quality and health RUNNERSTROM, MIRYHA
Public Health 192a [H192a] -- Honors seminar and thesis 1 RUNNERSTROM, MIRYHA
Public Health 209 -- Demographic Analysis NOYMER, ANDREW
Public Health 244 -- Health Behavior THeory LAKON, CYNTHIA
Public Health 297 -- Research Design BRUCKNER, TIM
Social Ecology 195W -- Field Study Writing Seminar COLE, SIMON
Social Ecology E008 Environmental Analysis and Design WHITELEY, JOHN
Social Science 003A HULL, JAMES
Social Science 189 -- Diverse and Stu Emp A NEIGHBORS, TERESA
Social Science 193A -- Field Studies in PCS CASTELLANOS, JEANETT
Social Science H030D -- Social Sustainability WRIGHT, CHARLES
Social Science H190 -- Hones Res Workshop CASTELLANOS, JEANETT
Sociology 001 -- Introduction to Sociology Kauffman, Vanessa
Sociology 120 -- Theory Watson, Edward
Sociology 157AW -- Sociology of Education PENNER, ANDREW
Sociology 159 -- Social Inequalities and Health GOLDBERG, RACHEL
Sociology 161 -- Sociology of Sex and Gender STRINGS, SABRINA
Sociology 219 -- Critical Race Theory HIRONAKA, ANN
Spanish 001
Spanish 002
Spanish 003
Spanish 003 -- Exploring U.S. Latin Issues MORA QUILON, MIRIAM
Spanish 107 -- Advanced Grammar MORA QUILON, MIRIAM
University Studies 001 -- The Freshman Experience ANGELES, BIANCA
University Studies 003 -- Reading the Record BRODBECK, DAVID
Urban Planning and Public Policy 166 -- Urban Politics and Policy MARANTZ, NICHOLAS
Urban Planning and Public Policy 207 -- Land Use Law MARANTZ, NICHOLAS
Urban Planning and Public Policy 292 -- MURP Professional Report WONG, KARNA
Visual Studies 295 -- Transnational/Tranlocal Cinema & Media BENAMOU, CATHERINE
Visual Studies 295 -- Transnational/Translocal Cinema and Media BENAMOU, CATHERINE
Writing 039A
Writing 039B
Writing 039C
Writing 39b -- Critical Reading and Rhetoric ZHUANG, JIE
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