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Course Name Instructor
Academic English 020C -- Academic Writing STRIEDTER, ANNA
Academic English 022A -- Reading & Vocabulary STRIEDTER, ANNA
Academic English 029 -- Special Topic: Conversations STRIEDTER, ANNA
African American Studies 040A -- African American Studies I WILLOUGHBY-HERARD, TIFFANY
Anthropology 002A -- Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology Palmer, Jason
Anthropology 162A -- Latin America: People and Culture Richart, Rebecca
Asian American Studies 051 -- U.S. and Asia Rubio, Elizabeth
Biological Sciences 093 -- DNA to Organisms MAHAVONGTRAKUL, MATTHEW
Biological Sciences 094 -- Organisms to Ecosystems BURLEY, NANCY
Biological Sciences 097 -- Genetics BARDWELL, LEE
Biological Sciences 099abcd -- Molecular biology Ghorbanian, Yasamine
Biological Sciences 103 (D103) -- Cell biology ATWOOD, SCOTT
Biological Sciences 109 (E109) -- Human physiology LOUDON, CATHERINE
Biological Sciences 110 (N110) -- Neurobiology and behavior LIOUDYNO, MARIA
Biological Sciences 122 (M122) -- General microbiology MORENO, GABRIEL
Biological Sciences 136 [E136] -- Human nutrition GERMAN, DONOVAN
Biological Sciences 179 (E179) -- Limnology and freshwater biology BOWLER, PETER
Biomedical Engineering 050a -- Cellular and molecular engineering 1 LI, JIANG
C142 - White collar Crime PONTELL, HENRY
Chemistry 001 -- General Chemistry
Chemistry 012 -- Chemistry around us Mcknelly, Kate
Chemistry 051abc -- Organic Chemistry Howitz, William
Chemistry 052 lab (H052l, M052l) -- Honors/Majors organic chemistry laboratory KING, SUSAN
Classics 045A -- The Gods KARANIKA, ANDROMACHE
Computer Science 161 -- Design and analysis of algorithms DILLENCOURT, MICHAEL
Drama 010 -- Intro to Theatre VEENSTRA, JOEL
Earth System Science 003 -- Oceanography Lewis, Christian
Earth System Science 005 -- The atmosphere Ruiz, Daniel
Economics 100A -- Intermediate Microeconomics TOUKAN, AMJAD
Economics 122A -- Applied Econometrics I JIANG, LAI
Economics 122B -- Applied Econometrics II JIANG, LAI
Economics 141A -- Public Economics I MILLER, RACHEL
Education 040 -- Theories of Development and Learning Applied to Education HANSEN, JANICE
Education 050 -- Issues in K-12 Education Krishnan, Jenell
Film and Media Studies 101C -- Film History: Contemporary Era FREIBERT, FINLEY
French 001
French 002
History 070A -- Modern East Asia David, Kyle
Information and Computer Science 032 -- Programming with software libraries Tsaasan, Anita
International Studies 183A -- Global & International Forum DARIAN-SMITH, EVE
Japanese 001
Japanese 002
Japanese 003
Linguistics 003 -- Intro to Linguistics MIS, BENJAMIN
LPS 60 : Making Modern Science Kassam, Alysha
Mathematics 005a -- Calculus for the life sciences SETO, SHOO
Music 008 -- The Beatles and the Sixties BRODBECK, DAVID
Pathology 598ab -- Pathology EDWARDS, ROBERT
Philosophy 003 -- Technology and Society Vickers, Darby
Physics 003abc -- Basic physics
Physics 007cde -- Classical physics
Physics 020a -- Introduction to astronomy SMECKER-HANE, TAMMY
Physiology 543ab -- Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology GREENBERG, MILTON
Political Science 011A -- Introduction to Political Science Chan, Nathan
Political Science 021A -- Introduction to American Government DESIPIO, LOUIS
Political Science 124C / African American Studies 151 / Asian American Studies 132 / Chicano/Latino Studies 147 -- Contemporary Minority Politics Song, Da
Political Science 153E -- Human Rights Kazemi, Elham
Political Science 171AW -- Law and Society SELLGREN, SHERILYN
Psychological Science MCEWAN, STEPHANIE
Psychology 007 / Psychology and Social Behavior 009 -- Intro to Psychology LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 046A -- Introduction to Human Memory LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 112M -- Research Methods in Psychology LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 160A -- Cognitive Neuroscience GROSSMAN, EMILY
Psychology and Social Behavior 011 / Psychology 009 Introduction to Psychology LEVINE, LINDA
Psychology and Social Behavior 101D -- Life-Span Development HECKHAUSEN, JUTTA
Psychology and Social Behavior 103H -- Health Psychology RINEHART, JENNY
Psychology and Social Behavior 111D -- Child Development LUKOWSKI, ANGELA
Public Health 192a [H192a] -- Honors seminar and thesis 1 RUNNERSTROM, MIRYHA
Social Ecology 010 -- Research Design BASOLO, MARY
Social Ecology 013 -- Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology Ringel, Megan
Social Ecology 013 -- Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology Rode, Jacob
Social Ecology E008 Environmental Analysis and Design WHITELEY, JOHN
Social Science 003A -- Research Computing in the Social Sciences HULL, JAMES
Sociology 001 -- Introduction to Sociology Kauffman, Vanessa
Sociology 001 -- Intro to Sociology Gibson, Christopher
Sociology 110 -- Research Methods Brooker, Megan
Sociology 161 -- Sociology of Sex & Gender Ghosh, Apoorva
Sociology 173 -- Social Inequalities STRINGS, SABRINA
SOC SCI 164D -- Juvenile Gangs VALDEZ, ALFONSO
Spanish 001
Spanish 002
Spanish 003
Statistics 007 -- Basic statistics BALDI, BRIGITTE
Statistics 008 -- Introduction to biological statistics BALDI, BRIGITTE
Urban Planning and Public Policy 178 -- International Divided Cities BOLLENS, SCOTT
Writing 039A
Writing 039B
Writing 039C
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