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Course Name Instructor
Academic English 020C -- Academic Writing STRIEDTER, ANNA
Academic English 022A -- Reading & Vocabulary STRIEDTER, ANNA
Academic English 029 -- Special Topic: Conversations STRIEDTER, ANNA
African American Studies 040A -- African American Studies I WILLOUGHBY-HERARD, TIFFANY
African American Studies 040C -- African American III WILLOUGHBY-HERARD, TIFFANY
African American Studies 152 -- African American Politics PHOENIX, DAVIN
African American Studies 154 -- African Americans in US Foreign Policy WILLOUGHBY-HERARD, TIFFANY
Anthropology 002A -- Intro to Anthro BERNAL, VICTORIA
Anthropology 162A -- Latin America: People and Culture Richart, Rebecca
Anthropology 165A -- Modern Iran VARZI, ROXANNE
Anthropology 213A -- Grand & Proposal Writing BOELLSTORFF, THOMAS
Anthropology 254 -- Digital Anthropology BOELLSTORFF, THOMAS
Art 128 -- Issues in Contemporary Art LEUNG, SIMON
Art 128 -- Issues in New Genres LEUNG, SIMON
Art History 121 -- Leonardo and Michelangelo MASSEY, LYLE
Art History 196 -- Ethics, Law, and Art POWELL, AMY
Asian American Studies 051 -- U.S. and Asia Rubio, Elizabeth
Asian American Studies 143 -- Religious Traditions Asian Americans KOH-PARSONS, SUEJEANNE
Asian American Studies 55 -- Asian Americans and the Media CHO, JULIE
Biological Sciences 038 -- Mind, memory and the brain MAHLER, STEPHEN
Biological Sciences 075 -- Human development conception to birth SUN, SHA
Biological Sciences 093 -- DNA to Organisms MAHAVONGTRAKUL, MATTHEW
Biological Sciences 094 -- Organisms to Ecosystems
Biological Sciences 099abcd -- Molecular biology SATO, BRIAN
Biological Sciences 103 (D103) -- Cell biology ATWOOD, SCOTT
Biological Sciences 116 (M116) -- Advanced molecular biology SENEAR, DONALD
Biological Sciences 120 [E120] -- Marine biology SORTE, CASCADE
Biological Sciences 165 (N165) -- Brain disorders and behavior BREWER, ALYSSA
Biological Sciences 195 (H195) -- Honors topics in biological sciences BRISCOE, ADRIANA
CHEM 138 -- Complex organic chemistry FREEMAN, FILLMORE
Chemical and Biological Engineering and Materials Sciences 221 -- Drug delivery WANG, SZU-WEN
Chemistry 001 -- General Chemistry
Chemistry 051abc -- Organic Chemistry LINK, RENEE
Chemistry 052 lab (H052l, M052l) -- Honors/Majors organic chemistry laboratory KING, SUSAN
Chemistry 132c -- Molecular structure GE, NIEN-HUI
Chicano/Latino Studies 063 -- Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies III LEBRON, ALANA
Classics 045A -- The Gods KARANIKA, ANDROMACHE
Computer Science 132 -- Introduction to computer networks MARKOPOULOU, ATHINA
Computer Science 179 -- Introduction to graphical models IHLER, ALEXANDER
Criminology, Law and Society 100 -- The Politics of Rural Inequality Magnus, Amy
Criminology, Law and Society 101 -- American Law BERK, HILLARY
Criminology, Law and Society 109 / Psychology 193B -- Juvenile Delinquency GOTTFREDSON, MICHAEL
Criminology, Law and Society 115 -- Prisons, Punishment and Corrections TURNER, SUSAN
Criminology, Law and Society 122 -- Constitutional Law GOLOB, BRANDON
Criminology, Law and Society 131 -- Organized Crime and American Society DOMBRINK, JOHN
Criminology, Law and Society 134 -- Victimless Crimes DOMBRINK, JOHN
Criminology, Law and Society 182 -- Illegal Economics OWENS, EMILY
Dance 003 -- Scientific concepts of health GRISWOLD, EMILY
Drama 050A -- Introduction to Costume Design FROEHLICH, MARCIA
Drama 121 -- Intro to Asian Theatre LEI, DAPHNE
Earth System Science 005 -- The atmosphere CROOK, ELIZABETH
Earth System Science 040c -- Earth system physics FERGUSON, JULIE
East Asian Studies 160 -- Taiwan Cinema SCRUGGS, BERT
Economics 015A -- Probability and Statistics SHIREY, PAUL
Economics 015B -- Probability and Stats II SHIREY, PAUL
Economics 020A -- Basic Economics II RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, JOSE ANTONIO
Economics 020B -- Basic Economics II AGGARWAL, NEERJA
Economics 023 -- Basic Econ for Engs RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, JOSE ANTONIO
Economics 025 -- Econ Acctg Decs MARI, RAFFAELE
Economics 100B -- Inter Economics II Lai, Liang-Chuan
Economics 100C -- Intermediate Economics III JENKINS, BRIAN
Economics 105C -- Inter Quant Econ III SWANSON, ERIC
Economics 122A -- Applied Econometric I RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, JOSE ANTONIO
Economics 122A -- Applied Econometrics I JIANG, LAI
Economics 122B -- Applied Econometrics II LEE, YING-YING
Economics 122B -- Applied Econometrics II JIANG, LAI
Economics 123CW -- Econometrics III WADHWA, WILIMA
Economics 132A -- Intro Financial Investments MARI, RAFFAELE
Economics 140 -- Managerial Economics AGGARWAL, NEERJA
Economics 141A -- Public Economics I MILLER, RACHEL
Economics 142CW -- Industrial Org III CHEN, JIAWEI
Economics 144B -- Urban Economics II SHAH, NILOPA
Economics 145FW -- Econ of Environ II ARTHI, VELLORE
Economics 147B -- Econ of Strategy JHA, PRIYARANJAN
Economics 149 -- Transportation Econ ARTHI, VELLORE
Economics 161A -- Money & Banking JENKINS, BRIAN
Economics 162 -- Poverty Growth and Dev WADHWA, WILIMA
Economics 164C -- American Econ Hist Bogart, Daniel
Economics 165 -- Economics of International Business AGGARWAL, NEERJA
Economics 241B -- Industrial Organization II Chiang, Jia-Wei
Economics 243B -- Adv Game Theory CARVALHO, JOSEPH
Education 040 -- Theories of Development and Learning Applied to Education HANSEN, JANICE
Education 050 -- Issues in K-12 Education SANTAGATA, ROSSELLA
Education 050 -- Issues in K-12 Education Krishnan, Jenell
Education 107 -- Child Development in Education HANSEN, JANICE
Education 108 -- Adolescent Development in Educational Settings HANSEN, JANICE
Education 191 -- Advanced Fieldwork LAO, JENEL
Education 225 -- Learning, Development and Culture PEPPLER, KYLIE
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 148 -- Introduction to computer networks MARKOPOULOU, ATHINA
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 080 -- Dynamics EISA, SAMEH
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 249 -- Micro-sensors and actuators SHKEL, ANDREI
Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace 295 -- Advanced detection and estimation theory KASSAS, ZAK
Epidemiology 275 -- Special epi topics: bioinformatics NORDEN-KRICHMAR, TRINA
Film and Media Studies 101B -- The Sound Era RONY, FATIMAH
French 001
French 002
Gender and Sexuality Studies 050C -- Gender and Popular Culture SCHEPER, JEANNE
Gender and Sexuality Studies 200B -- Problems in Feminist Research SAMEH, CATHERINE
Gender and Sexuality Studies 50C -- Gender and Pop Culture SCHEPER, JEANNE
History 011 -- Genocide since WWII COLLER, IAN
History 012 -- Samurai and Gentry GUO, QITAO
History 040C -- Modern American: Culture and Power HIGHSMITH, ANDREW
History 070A -- Modern East Asia David, Kyle
History 070C -- Black Harlem JAMES, WINSTON
History 070F -- Medicine East/West BAUM, EMILY
History 100W -- New Negro JAMES, WINSTON
History 134C / African American Studies 118 / International Studies 179 / Global Cultures 191 -- Africa from Trade to Colonialism BORUCKI, ALEX
History 142D -- California Dreaming IGLER, DAVID
History 183 / Political Science 149 / International Studies 179 / Social Science 189 -- US/Russian Relations WHITELEY, JOHN
History 290 -- History Pedagogy MITCHELL, LAURA
History H100W -- Black Latin America BORUCKI, ALEX
Humanities 103 -- Nazi Germany LEVINE, GLENN
Information and Computer Science 011 -- Internet public policy JORDAN, SCOTT
Information and Computer Science 053 -- Principles in system design WONG-MA, JENNIFER
International Studies 001 -- Introduction to Global Studies MCCARTY, PHILIP
International Studies 012 -- Global Political Ideologies AL-BULUSHI, YOUSUF
International Studies 016 -- Ramachandran RAMACHANDRAN, VIBHUTI
International Studies 112A -- International Business SCHLOSSER, SEYMOUR
International Studies 140A / Political Science 144A -- Approaches to International Relations Caron, Hallee
International Studies 179 -- Global Asias BUI, LONG
International Studies 183A -- Global & International Forum DARIAN-SMITH, EVE
International Studies 189 -- Global Trafficking RAMACHANDRAN, VIBHUTI
Japanese 001
Japanese 002
Japanese 003
Law 505 - test law MATE, MANOJ
Linguistics 003 -- Intro to Linguistics MIS, BENJAMIN
Linguistics 119 -- Topics in Phonology TRANEL, BERNARD
Linguistics 164B -- French Phonetics TRANEL, BERNARD
Management 101 -- Management Science JORJANI SADRI, SOHEILA
Management 102 -- Managing Organizational Behavior HITE, JENNIFER
Management 124 -- Human Resource Management MCLAUGHLIN, GRACE
Management 155 -- Brand Management LETOURNEAU, DEBORAH
Management 178 -- Management of Information Technology LUBITZ, ALLAN
Management 182 -- Supply Chain Management GUI, LUYI
Management 190 -- Advertising SHEPPARD, VALERIE
Management 190 -- Managing in a Global Economy DANIEL, KIRSTEN
Management 191W -- Business Communications HITE, JENNIFER
Mathematics 140c -- Analysis in several variables DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER
Medical Humanities 003 -- Art and Medicine MASSEY, LYLE
Music 230 -- The Music of Gyorgy Ligeti BAUER, AMY
Nursing Science 170 -- Community based health care SAUNDERS, KATHLEEN
Nursing Science 271 -- Community based health care SAUNDERS, KATHLEEN
Pathology 598ab -- Pathology EDWARDS, ROBERT
Philosophy 003 -- Technology and Society Vickers, Darby
Physics 003abc -- Basic physics
Physics 007cde -- Classical physics
Physiology 543ab -- Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology GREENBERG, MILTON
Political Science 021A -- Introduction to American Government DESIPIO, LOUIS
Political Science 031A -- Intro to Political Theory MCTHOMAS, MARY
Political Science 051A -- Politics Around the World SADIQ, KAMAL
Political Science 124C / African American Studies 151 / Asian American Studies 132 / Chicano/Latino Studies 147 -- Contemporary Minority Politics Song, Da
Political Science 124E -- African American Politics PHOENIX, DAVIN
Political Science 139 -- Utopia & Dystopia SARDO, MICHAEL
Political Science 141B -- International Political Economy LOCKWOOD, ERIN
Political Science 149 -- Climate Change and Social Justice SARDO, MICHAEL
Political Science 151B -- Introduction to Chinese politics VORTHERMS, SAMANTHA
Psychology 007 / Psychology and Social Behavior 009 -- Intro to Psychology LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 046A -- Introduction to Human Memory LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 112M -- Research Methods in Psychology LOFGREN, CHRISTINE
Psychology 120P -- Theories of Personality LEWIS, JACKLYN
Psychology 131A -- Vision D'ZMURA, THOMAS
Psychology 140L -- Principles of Learning Thoery CHUBB, CHARLES
Psychology 160A -- Cognitive Neuroscience GROSSMAN, EMILY
Psychology and Social Behavior 011 / Psychology 009 Introduction to Psychology LEVINE, LINDA
Psychology and Social Behavior 100 -- Social Development BLUM, SCOTT
Psychology and Social Behavior 101D -- Life Span Development Psychology BLUM, SCOTT
Psychology and Social Behavior 102C -- Abnormal Psychology RINEHART, JENNY
Psychology and Social Behavior 104S -- The Social Animal Ringel, Megan
Psychology and Social Behavior 113D -- Adult Development Valentovich, Valentina
Psychology and Social Behavior 137H -- Human Stress Cross, Marie
Psychology and Social Behavior 150C -- Clinical Psychology ZALTA, ALYSON
Psychology and Social Behavior 160d -- Brain disorders and behavior BREWER, ALYSSA
Psychology and Social Behavior 173S -- Social Relationships ZINGER, JOANNE
Psychology and Social Behavior 185S Industrial/Organizational Psychology ZINGER, JOANNE
Psychology and Social Behavior 187S -- Psychology of Inequality HUFTON, JEREMY
Public Health 100 -- Global health policy development SAMI, MOJGAN
Public Health 172 -- Climate change and disaster management RUNNERSTROM, MIRYHA
Public Health 189 -- Global infectious disease and climate change SAMI, MOJGAN
Public Health 222 / Urban Planning and Public Policy 243 -- Health Management and Policy BRUCKNER, TIM
Social Ecology 013 -- Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology WONG, KARNA
Social Ecology 013 -- Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology Ringel, Megan
Social Ecology 013 -- Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology Rode, Jacob
Social Ecology 189 -- Global Service Scholars Advance Seminar GUERRA, NANCY
Social Ecology 194W -- Naturalistic Field Research BERK, HILLARY
Social Ecology 195 -- Field Study ROOK, KAREN
Social Ecology 195 -- Field Study COLE, SIMON
Social Ecology 195W -- Field Study Seminar COUTIN, SUSAN
Social Ecology E008 Environmental Analysis and Design WHITELEY, JOHN
Social Science 003A -- Research Computing in the Social Sciences HULL, JAMES
Social Science 010C -- Prob Stat Soc Sci HULL, JAMES
Social Science 120 -- Transnational Gangs VALDEZ, ALFONSO
Social Science 164D -- Juvenile Gangs VALDEZ, ALFONSO
Social Science 189 -- Data Visualization HULL, JAMES
Social Science 193CW -- Fld Studies in SSPS CASTELLANOS, JEANETT
Sociology 001 -- Introduction to Sociology O'CONNELL, CHARLES
Sociology 001 -- Introduction to Sociology Kauffman, Vanessa
Sociology 002 -- Global & Transnational Society FRANK, DAVID
Sociology 010C -- Probability and Statistics GOLDBERG, RACHEL
Sociology 063 -- Race and Ethnicity RUMBAUT, RUBEN
Sociology 064 -- Sociology of Sexuality BOLZENDAHL, CATHERINE
Sociology 079 -- Social Work SADIKOFF, MELISSA
Sociology 110 -- Research Methods Brooker, Megan
Sociology 161 -- Sociology of Sex & Gender Ghosh, Apoorva
Sociology 172 -- Chinese Revolution SU, YANG
Sociology 172 -- Chinese Revolution SU, YANG
Sociology 230A -- Race and Ethnicity ROBNETT-OLSEN, BELINDA
Spanish 001
Spanish 002
Spanish 003
Spanish 107 -- Spanish Advanced Grammar MORA QUILON, MIRIAM
Statistics 007 -- Basic statistics BALDI, BRIGITTE
Statistics 008 -- Introduction to biological statistics BALDI, BRIGITTE
UNIAFF 001 -- Living 102: Being Happy and Whole Practicum SHEPPARD, VALERIE
University Studies 003 -- Lights, Camera, Costume! FROEHLICH, MARCIA
Urban Planning and Public Policy 005 -- Introduction to Planning & Public Policy WONG, KARNA
Urban Planning and Public Policy 107 -- Urban and Regional Planning Hooper, Ashley
Urban Planning and Public Policy 133 / Criminology, Law and Society 128 -- Environmental Law and Policy MARANTZ, NICHOLAS
Urban Planning and Public Policy 178 -- International Divided Cities BOLLENS, SCOTT
Writing 039A
Writing 039B
Writing 039C
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