Data Curation

Data curation is the active management of data to maintain and extend its value over time. It includes effectively organizing data for access, documenting context for reproducibility, and securely preserving the physical integrity of the work. We can help you with all stages of data management required by funding agencies:

Create, review, and share data management plans that meet insitutional and funder requirements. Examples:



A service making it easy to create and manage long-term, globally unique identifiers for your data and sources, ensuring their future discoverability and avoiding link rot. Examples:

Learn about ARK | Learn about DOI



Handling Sensitive or Restricted Data

We welcome inquiries of any nature; however, in most cases we will refer you to the Security Team of UCI Office of Information Technology. These contacts are most useful:

  1. Isaac Straley (OIT): Chief Information Security Officer, Risk and Compliance,, (949) 824-1471
  2. Josh Drummond (OIT): Chief Information Security Officer, Technology & Operations,, (949) 824-9574
  3. Linh Sithihao (UCI Medical Center): Information Security Officer,, (714) 456-7349
  4. Adrian Petrisor (Libraries): Information Security Coordinator for Libraries,, (949) 824-2075

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