Food & Drink

Last reviewed: September 12, 2023

We recognize that students spend many hours in the library and enjoy an occasional snack or beverage while studying. Snack foods and drinks are permitted throughout the Langson Library (except in Special Collections & Archives), Science Library, the Libraries Gateway Study Center, and Grunigen Medical Library.  In order for us to continue to allow snack foods and drinks in our buildings, we need your help in keeping the risk of damage to library property to a minimum.

  • Food: snack foods are permitted.
  • Beverages: spill-proof containers with twist-off or other secure lids are preferred.
  • Alcohol: consumption of alcohol is prohibited in UCI Libraries' buildings with the exception of legal-aged guests at authorized Libraries' events where alcohol is served.
  • Clean it up/throw it away: wipe up accidents, throw away or recycle your food containers and bottles. All bathrooms have paper towels. Trash containers are available throughout the buildings.
  • "No Fault Policy": tell a library staff member immediately if there is an accident so we can ensure that damaged materials, furniture, and flooring are properly treated and there is appropriate clean-up.

UCI Libraries' reserve the right to ask people not following this policy to relocate to finish their snacks or to put them away.