JSTOR Duplicates Project - Local Decision for Print Duplicate Journals


JSTOR is an online database of fully-searchable, printable, and downloadable digitized back issues of journals in a wide range of disciplines. In order to provide a secure backup for the database, JSTOR has reached agreements with Harvard and the University of California Libraries to create secure archives of print copies of the journals that are available online.

In early summer 2007, the UC/JSTOR Print Archive Project Phase 1 will be officially completed. This project will create a reliable and comprehensive print archive for more than 300 important scholarly journals with additional volumes added ("moving wall") as they become available online.

Proposal for Managing Duplicate JSTOR Journals

Once the JSTOR Print Archive is completed, UCI Libraries has the option of removing or retaining duplicate print JSTOR titles on our shelves that are available both online and in the print archive.

Our proposal is to withdraw duplicate print journal titles in order to free up space for new collections and services to users so that we can continue to meet the needs of a growing campus. We will retain duplicate print JSTOR titles upon requests from faculty, who notify us that for specific titles the online versions and backup print copies available via interlibrary loan are not meeting their teaching and research needs. Prior to withdrawal, the UCI Libraries will also investigate whether other libraries or institutions would like to receive duplicate JSTOR print journals as a gift.

JSTOR Print Duplicates List, please click here

The list contains more than 300 titles arranged in 30 various subject areas. Please note that all titles considered for withdrawal are also available through the print archive and the JSTOR online database http://www.jstor.org/

Journals in the online JSTOR database can be browsed by individual volumes and individual issues in the same way as the original print journals, by clicking on "Browse" and then "Alphabetical List of Journals." The pages of the journals have been scanned so that they can be viewed as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated.

Faculty can send comments /concerns/requests for retention by June 1 , 2007 to Lorelei Tanji, AUL for Collections (ltanji@uci.edu) or your subject librarian.