Langson Library Collaboration Zone

Project Description

We are pleased to announce that we have embarked on the creation of a new flexible space on the 3rd floor of Langson Library. This area can be used as a collaborative workspace and for one-off events such as small library-hosted seminars. Some key features will include:

  • A writeable glass wall
  • Easily moveable chairs and tables (foldable)
  • Moveable whiteboards
  • Collaboration pod(s)
  • A large digital display that connects to multiple devices over wifi

We anticipate that this project will extend through much of 2017.

One of our main goals is to minimize the impact to library operations during the installation process. Though as with any project of this magnitude, there will be some noise and dust generated throughout the duration of the job.

Access to Materials

The majority of the collection will be accessible for browsing throughout the project. The area of the library being worked on will be cordoned off and materials housed there will not be available for browsing however library staff will page materials for interested users.

If you have comments or questions about this project, please email Kristine Ferry, Head of Access Services, at

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