LibQual+ Report


As we plan for the future of the UCI Libraries and its key role in the success of UCI’s education and research enterprise, it is important that we understand the perceptions and expectations of the UCI community so that we can provide the highest quality library services. In April 2016, the UCI Libraries in collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) conducted an assessment of users’ experience and their expectations of Library quality of service using LibQUAL+ ® survey. We thank all of those faculty, students and staff who participated in the 2016 LibQUAL+ Survey. We sincerely appreciate your time and effort in providing us with your feedback. The information you have provided is invaluable in planning future library services and resources at UCI.


Survey responses indicated the following particular areas of strength:

  • 96% of users indicated that they are satisfied and/or very satisfied with the overall quality of services provided by the library.
  • 93% expressed satisfaction with library support for their learning, research, and teaching needs.  
  • Library employees were viewed as helpful, courteous, and ready and willing to respond to users’ questions. 
  • Library spaces were generally viewed as comfortable and inviting locations. 
  • Timely and efficient interlibrary loan services were appreciated

Survey respondents identified the following areas in need of enhancements:

  • More quiet study space and study rooms that offer users a place to complete their work and studies.
  • Ability to reserve study rooms to allow users to better plan their time to study at the libraries.
  • More robust collections that provide users sufficient resources for their research and studies.
  • A library website that is easier to navigate for a more efficient access to library resources.


The information obtained from LibQUAL+ ® Survey has been helpful to the UCI Libraries to identify service areas of concern to our users. We are making a number of improvements that address these concerns:

  • Space:
    • We have added a reservation system for study rooms to make it easy for students to see which rooms are available and to reserve these spaces for reasonable periods of time. We also coordinate with groups across campus to keep our Study Space Locator up to date.
    • We have initiated a Libraries Planning Team to look for opportunities to expand study seating in library buildings.
    • We are continuing to provide expanded hours in Langson & Gateway during finals. 


  • Access to books and journals
    • We continually gather user feedback about Libraries’ website to improve usability and access to resources.
    • We provide multiple options for access to resources from off campus.
    • We continue to deploy available financial resources to maintain access to serial, ensure timely Interlibrary Loan services, and purchase new materials that are in high demand. 


The process of obtaining user feedback is a continuous one. We will build upon the results of the LibQUAL+ ® survey to obtain additional feedback from our users. As we obtain feedback and implement new changes, we will post those changes on this webpage.

For more details please visit UCI Libraries 2015-16 LibQUAL+ ® survey report and our interactive dashboard.

Please visit LibQUAL+ ® for more information about this survey.