Libraries Student Video Contest


UCI Library Commercial by Alesandra Valencia (Judges Award Winner)

A Successful Day At The UCI Library by Yunuen Valencia (Audience Award Winner)

A Great Opportunity by Aminh Nehmeh

The Library by Navo Visagan

I Need to Graduate by Ennis Machta

Peter the Anteater's Favorite Book by Lillian Wang


Langson Library: The Movie by Nezar Eltal (Judges Award Winner)

UCI Libraries: The Key To Success by Andy Ha (Audience Award Winner)

UCI Libraries: Zot Smarter by Trisha MacGaffey


1950s UCI Libraries Ad by Nezar Eltal (Judges Award Winner)

In the Arms of the Library by Rodrigo Ramos (Audience Award Winner)

How NOT to Succeed in a UCI Library by Billy Chen

Opera of the Library by Gabriela Hernandez

Library Exploration by Andrew Vong

Library Infomercial by Stephanie Chu

UCI Library Resources by Javier Hernandez

Ask the Students - Documentary - by Edna M Tobias

The Library Hunt by Yutaka Kadota


My Neighbor Francisco by Andrew Vong (Judges' Award Winner)
Benefits of Studying in the Library by Horacio Ruiz (Audience Award Winner)
The UCI Libraries Trailer by Philip Oh
Athenaeum by Miguel Castaneda


Learning All Day by Jomar Ebalida
Same Difference by Dale Kim  (Audience Award Winner)
UCILibrary by Kenny Truong
UCI Libraries Presents Langson Library by Nicole Small
Libraries, Home of the Anteater by Kevin Mai  (Judges' Award Winner)



Library Song by Marissa Mekvichitsaeng  (Judges' Award Winner)
A Day With Science Library by Ashish Rajbhandari
Larry The Anteater Goes to the Library by Tiger Souvannakoumane
The Good The Bad and The Library by Masih Tukhi  (Audience Award Winner - Video removed per author's request)
Now Hiring by Dale Kim