Media Use and Booking Form

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Terms of Media Use

Films and videorecordings can be booked by UCI faculty and graduate students for UCI classroom showing, classroom preparation, or research. Videorecordings and films can also be booked by staff instructors listed on the official UCI Class Schedule for the current quarter.

Due to copyright or purchase restrictions, films and videorecordings cannot be broadcast or electronically transmitted in any way, and they may not be used for group recreational or fund-raising programs.

Booking requests for classroom showings must be received 3 business days in advance. Specific booking dates for each item are required. This will assist us to protect your booking and accommodate multiple bookings for the same item when possible.

The borrower assumes responsibility for actual replacement costs for any lost or damaged media items. Actual replacement cost will be determined by the appropriate Subject Bibliographer. Charges for lost or damaged non-print material will include a billing charge and processing costs if necessary.

The UCI Libraries do not loan equipment for use outside the UCI Libraries. Users who need media equipment for personal, departmental or classroom use can contact Classroom Technology Support, which supplies media equipment to the campus.

To place media on Course Reserves for your students to view or use in the Libraries use the Media Course Reserves Form.

To place Departmental or personal material on Course Reserves for your students to view or use in the Libraries use the Request/Waiver for Placing Instructor-Owned Materials on Course Reserves Form.