Last reviewed: September 12, 2023

The UCI Libraries are a dynamic resource and university community center that offer a wide range of services, materials, and environments. We offer user-focused spaces where collaboration, content creation, and discussion occur. The library is also a teaching space, where library employees must talk to assist users in finding and understanding the information resources the library provides. The technology provided by the library, from computers and printers to video displays and scanners, inevitably also produces noise.

We strive to find a balance among a variety of uses of library resources and services while providing an environment that is conducive to study. Disturbances or behaviors which interfere with the normal use of the library are not acceptable. Examples of disruptive behavior include prolonged and/or loud conversations, use of audio players with a volume loud enough to disturb others, and noisy group study in an open area. Study rooms are available in all buildings for group study and conversation.

If you wish to report excessive noise, contact a library employee at the nearest service desk or call us at:

Langson Library 949-824-6842

Science Library 949-824-3692

Grunigen Medical Library 714-456-5585