Digitized Collections of the National Library of Korea

Contains rich digitized NLK materials of various types and formats, including maps, gazettes, music scores, government documents, manuscripts, classics, novels, scholarly monographs, textbooks, journals, newspapers, and dissertation. While many digitized NLK materials are in the public domain, some materials are recent publications under strict copyright or other protections, and may only be accessed from a single dedicated workstation in the East Asian Collection, located on the first floor of Langson Library. Only available via Internet Explorer.

Instructions: Please look for the symbols below on the NLK website designating which materials are available to the UCI community:

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Digitized Materials

Title in Hangul Romanized title English-language search
고서 . 고문서 Kosŏ . komunsŏ Old books and manuscripts
고지도 Kojido Old maps
교과서 Kyogwasŏ Textbooks
국내발간 한국관련 외국어자료 Kungnaebalgan Han'gukkwallyŏn Oegugŏjaryo Domestically published Korea-related materials written in non-Korean language
관보(1894-1945) Kwanbo (1894-1945) Official gazettes (1894-1945)
단행자료 Tanhaengjaryo Monographs
독도관련자료 Toktogwallyŏnjaryo Materials related to Dokdo Island
문화체육관광부 발간자료 Munhwach'eyukkwan'gwangbu palganjaryo Materials issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
신문학대표소설 Sinmunhaktaep'yososŏl New Literature novels
악보 Akpo Music scores
어린이·청소년 관련 자료 Ŏrini·ch'ŏngsonyŏn kwallyŏn charyo Materials for children and young adults
연속간행물 귀중본 Yŏnsokkanhaengmul kwijungbon Valuable copies of serials
우수학술도서 Usuhaksultosŏ Academic books
인문과학분야 박사학위논문 Inmun'gwahakpunya paksahagwinonmun Doctoral dissertations in humanities and social science
일본어자료(-1945) Ilbonŏjaryo(-1945) Japanese materials (until 1945)
정부간행물 Chŏngbuganhaengmul Government publications
신문 Sinmun Newspapers (until 1950)
한글판 고전소설 Han'gŭlp'an kojŏnsosŏl Classical novels published in Hangul
한국고전백선 Han'gukkojŏnbaeksŏn Selected Korean classics
한국관련 외국어자료 Han'gukkwallyŏn oegugŏjaryo Korean materials in foreign language (printed abroad)


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