Collection Policy for Ancillary Resources

Collection Policy for Ancillary Resources

Academic Resources may be considered as content that users consult throughout the following Academic Activities, in accordance with the pillars supporting UCI’s fundamental mission of teaching, research, and public service:

  • UCI-based Student Success: Wherein UCI instructors assign content to students enrolled in academic programs, or students seek out content for their own enrichment. This activity supports UCI in earning tuition and, through rigorous academics, producing successful graduates.
  • UCI-based Research Output: Wherein UCI researchers conduct cutting-edge research and share their output for the benefit of our society. This activity supports UCI toward advancing human knowledge.
  • UCI-based Entrepreneurship: Wherein UCI affiliates partake in entrepreneurial coursework, competitions, and business startups, under the guidance of UCI-sanctioned institutions. This activity supports UCI in commercializing new products and services to catalyze the community and economy.
  • UCI-based Clinical and Patient Care: Wherein UCI’s practitioners in healthcare and medicine deliver patient care and make progress in all aspects of medical research and discovery. This activity supports UCI in serving our community by advancing individual and population health.

Ancillary Resources may be considered as content that users consult throughout the following Ancillary Activities, which encompass the information needs for both supporting Academic Activities, as well as managing the additional business operations of a university:

  • Research grants
  • Faculty review
  • Benchmarking against any other higher education institutions
  • Development and advancement
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Public relations
  • Procurement


While ancillary work is very important to UCI, it falls beyond the normal scope of what the UCI Libraries can comprehensively support, given its current budgetary capabilities. UCI Libraries, out of fiscal necessity, cannot prioritize unilaterally pursuing for its collections campus-wide subscriptions for Ancillary Resources. Furthermore, in the event of budget cuts, the UCI Libraries may prioritize cancelling subscriptions for Ancillary Resources in favor of maintaining critical collections of Academic Resources.

For UCI community partners who want to institute a campus-wide subscription to an Ancillary Resource, the UCI Libraries is open to discussion about being a facilitator for content licensing and discovery.

The UCI Libraries acknowledges that it may be difficult to delineate clearly between Academic and Ancillary Resources, and therefore welcomes case-by-case conversations with UCI community partners about potential subscriptions.

Sample List of Ancillary Resources

This list is subject to change. Hyperlinks indicate a current campus-wide license sponsored by the UCI Libraries, unless another subscribing entity is mentioned.

  • Academic Analytics
    Standardized institutional data for academic administrators and faculty.
  • Altmetric
    Monitors the attention around an institution’s research output.
  • Cabell's
    Scholarly journal discovery and evaluation for researchers wanting to publish manuscripts.
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy
    A magazine that covers the nonprofit world aimed at people involved in philanthropy.
  • Dimensions
    UCI Office of Research licenses. Provides data for 128 million+ publications, clinical trials, grants, patents, etc. - showing research activity and impact worldwide.
  • Foundation Directory Online
    Find the grantmakers most likely to fund nonprofit projects, including grantmaker information and funding history.
  • InCites
    A tool for analyzing institutional productivity and benchmarking output against peer research institutions worldwide.
  • Journal Citation Reports
    Measures research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals.
  • Pivot
    UCI Office of Research licenses. Gives research administrators the ability to identify and connect funding opportunities to researchers at their institution.
  • SciVal
    Access provided by Office of Global Engagement and Office of Institutional Research. Gives research administrators the ability to identify and connect funding opportunities to researchers at their institution.
  • US News & World Report
    A media company well known for publishing higher education rankings. UCI Libraries license covers the news periodical, not the rankings.
  • WealthEngine
    Wealth identification and prospect research solutions with unique profiles for millions of people in the US.