Spring 2002 Exhibit

Derrida/Translating/Derrida poster


The Libraries' spring exhibit, Derrida/Translating/Derrida, celebrated the extraordinary scholarly career of Jacques Derrida, one of the pre-eminent philosophers and theorists of our time and one of UCI's most renowned faculty members. The Libraries' Critical Theory Archive in the Department of Special Collections and Archives is home to Professor Derrida's scholarly papers, from which the materials in the exhibit were selected.

The exhibit revealed the creative process in Derrida's writings, from its inception on note cards, in scribbles and ciphers, into manuscripts, both handwritten and typewritten, and finally into galley proofs and published books. The further trajectory of his writing was traced as it is launched into numerous translations, interviews, and lectures presented worldwide by this most global and visible of philosophers.

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