Digital Scholarship Services

UCI Libraries' Digital Scholarship Services support digital scholarship work performed by the UCI community, including e-Research, data management, digital humanities, and digital preservation. We offer a variety of services and tools to assist throughout the research lifecycle, from planning and implementing a research project to publishing, preserving, and increasing the visibility and impact of research outcome. Click on each phase of the lifecycle graphic below to learn more.

Interested in a particular service or tool, or have a question and don't know where to start? Schedule a Digital Scholarship Services consultation to discuss!

Research Life Cycle

Research Life Cycle
Planning. Identify grants and funding; collect and manage preliminary assets, describe and organize assets.  Leads to implementation.   Implementation.  Collect assets; Describe assets; Organize assets; Analyze assets.  Leads to publishing.  Publishing.  Identify open access publications; Deposit work; Share and cite work.  Leads to discovery and impact.  Discovery and impact.  Understand metrics; Use social media.  Leads to preservation  Preservation.  Migrate to sustainable formats; Store reliably.  Data gets reused, and then leads back to planning.


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