Examples of Affordable Course Material and OER Textbooks

There are a variety of formats and options for OER course material, please see some of the searchable resources in the Affordable Course Materials and Open Educational Resources (OER) for Faculty guide.

Below find a few examples of the more popular OER eTextbook platforms.

OpenStax, a publisher of high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks, has a 2nd Edition of the Psychology eTextbook available. Review the Memory section 8.2: Parts of the Brain Involved with Memory.
LibreTexts, non-profit organization committed to freeing the textbook from the limitations and costs of traditional textbooks, catalog has an eTextbook for Elementary Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences:
PressBooks, a platform for eTextbooks, typically hosts a hub of OER for a single college. An example hub from Ohio State or review the various formats in Algorithmic Bias section from a library information literacy title Introduction to College Research or review the Antimicrobial Basics 3.2 from Nursing Pharmacology.
Open Textbook Library, now offering nearly a thousand open textbooks, is supported by the Open Education Network, find the Electrical Engineering Textbooks from TU Delft Netherlands Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials.

Additionally, we support student research as well as course material with the electronic collections at UCI Libraries. If a title is already licensed, or needs to be licensed, your subject librarian can review the library options in advance of the course start date.

Examples of Affordable Course Materials via UCI Libraries-Licensed Resources: