Digital Production

Digital production is to create or support creation of themed digital collections that are openly accessible for scholarly use, including text, image, audio, video, or other media types. We provide various services to build and preserve digital collections:

Appraise & Reformat Content

Digital media evolves and their contained content can become difficult to retrieve or render when technologies change. We can: 

  • Monitor trends and keep a list of sustainable formats based on international guidelines and best practices
  • Recommend the most appropriate formats for content creation, display, and preservation
  • Reformat content to sustainable formats for preservation

Design Metadata Solutions

Metadata is information created by humans or by computers to enable and facilitate discovery, exchange, evaluation, migration, and preservation of digital content. We can:

  • Examine content and recommend appropriate metadata schema to use
  • Create metadata templates and/or crosswalks
  • Create metadata or advise metadata creation
  • Review metadata

Manage Digital Assets

  • Calisphere: a shared platform and public interface for managing, searching, and displaying selected digital resources contributed by all ten campuses of UC and other important libraries, archives, and museums throughout California, providing free access to unique and historically important artifacts for research, teaching, and curious exploration
  • UCISpace: an open access platform for the UCI community to publish, manage, and preserve diverse kinds of research output, a service maintained by UCI Libraries and available for use free of charge by UCI affiliates