Library Filming/Photo Procedures

Last Modified March 6, 2017

  1. There are three primary types of requests that the library receives for filming opportunities. These are external, internal, and media requests.  Requests should be routed directly to the Libraries’ Communications Officer, Carlin Motley, at 949-824-4658 or for further consideration.
  2. All filming requests, with the exception of media requests, should be submitted to the library communications office a minimum of 72 hours prior to the proposed event so that the Communications Officer can notify and confer with facilities and public services leadership and staff.
  3. The Libraries’ operations and patron services will always take priority over filming requests and therefore may ultimately drive the approval process.
  4. The requestor should have already outlined the purpose, content, intent of the shoot, potential support staff needed (if any), the proposed location involved, estimated length of time of the shoot and whether or not the group has an academic function on campus or not.
  5. For all external requests, the production coordinator will have prescreened the applicants (for such items as insurance, permissions, and content) prior to contacting library communications.
  6. Once the Communications Officer receives the request (from the production coordinator or library department personnel) it will be evaluated based on the following:
    1. content – what subject matter is being filmed (including foreground and background)
    2. time of day and the day of the week
    3. specific location (building, floor, room, etc.)
    4. whether or not it should take place during operational hours
    5. necessary support - such as labor from the library facilities or communications offices
    6. special needs (electrical, sound, lighting, props, etc.)
    7. privacy – respecting the students and staff in the area of the proposed shoot
    8. students and other library patrons cannot be filmed, accommodations must be made to avoid filming patrons
  7. The Communications Officer will evaluate the request and either approve or disapprove the request in collaboration with the appropriate department head(s).
  8. Once approved, the communications office will notify appropriate library staff of a film shoot.


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