Film / Video Classroom Booking Program

Last reviewed: September 22, 2023

UCI faculty and graduate students can book films and videorecordings for classroom showing on specific dates. Use the Media Use & Booking Form to submit requests for films or videorecordings.

General Guidelines for Media Booking Requests

  • Provide the actual show date(s) for each item you request and the time the class meets. This will help us protect your show date(s) and accommodate multiple bookings for the same item, when possible.
  • Provide a preview date, if needed. If multiple bookings are received for the same item, actual classroom show dates have priority over preview dates.
  • Booked films and videorecordings are held for pickup at Science Library Check Out Desk.
    • Please book at least 2 to 5 business days prior to the actual show date
    • 3 business days before the preview date, if one is specified
    • 1-3 business days before the actual show date, if the material is on Course Reserves
    • Films and videorecordings are loaned for UCI classroom showings only, for courses listed in the UCI Schedule of Classes.

Due to copyright, purchase, and/or use conditions, films and videorecordings cannot be shown outside the classroom without securing public performance rights, nor can they be used for recreational viewing. 

Films and videorecordings are loaned to UCI faculty and graduate students for UCI classroom showing, classroom preparation, or research. Videorecordings and films are loaned to staff for classroom showings only. 

Videorecordings being previewed or used for research are subject to immediate recall if needed for classroom showing.

  • Booking requests must be received at least two business days in advance.
  • The borrower assumes responsibility for actual replacement costs for any lost or damaged films or videorecordings beyond normal wear and tear. Actual replacement costs may range from $125 to several thousand dollars, plus a $10 non-refundable processing fee per item. The minimum cost is $135.