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Terms of Media Use

Media on Course Reserves may circulate to any UCI faculty member for 72 hours in order to accommodate their teaching needs. Therefore, placing materials on Course Reserves does not guarantee that they are available at all times for student viewing or for a specific classroom show date.

Media on Course Reserves may circulate to graduate student instructors of courses listed in the UCI Schedule of Classes.

Faculty and graduate student instructors can book Course Reserves Media for specific classroom showing dates by completing the Media Use & Booking Form.


  • Media on reserves may be limited to 24 hour circulation if the material is needed to complete an impending assignment for finals, midterm, etc.
  • Personal copies are "In Library Use Only", except by the faculty member who owns the material.


To place Departmental or personal material on Course Reserves for your students to view or use in the Libraries use the Request/Waiver for Placing Instructor-Owned Materials on Course Reserves Form.