The UCI Libraries 2020 Fall Exhibit From I-Ching to Manga: UCI’s East Asian Collection Celebrating 30 Years

The year 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of UCI Libraries’ East Asian Collection - the largest collection of items related to China, Japan and Korea in Orange County. In East Asian culture, the thirty-year milestone denotes maturity and strength. From I-Ching to Manga: UCI’s East Asian Collection Celebrating 30 Years showcases the East Asian Collection’s evolution, vitality and expansion.

In a relatively short time, the East Asian Collection has grown from the original 8,000 Chinese books to over 120,000 volumes in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. The exhibit chronicles the founding of the East Asian Collection and its growth through significant gifts and donations as well as trans-pacific partnerships. Featured are memories and testimonials from various stakeholders sharing the impact and importance of this unique collection, including founding and current faculty members, past University Librarians and Asian Studies librarians.

We are honored to have Professor Yong Chen as our distinguished speaker at the opening virtual event on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. Professor Chen is a UCI historian, Chancellor’s Fellow, Associate Dean of Curriculum and Student Services at the School of Humanities, and author of the book Chop Suey, USA. Additionally, Professor Chen has been a loyal user and supporter of the UCI Libraries’ East Asian Collection.

The exhibit would not be possible without the work of Dr. Ying Zhang, exhibit curator and research librarian for Asian Studies, the Libraries’ exhibits team and Dr. William Wong. As the first Asian Studies Librarian hired to create the UCI Libraries’ East Asian Collection, Dr. Wong provided consultation, contributed personal items, and most importantly, laid a solid foundation for the East Asian Collection.

You can view the physical exhibit when Langson Library reopens (TBD), which will be in the Muriel Ansley Reynolds Exhibit Gallery during regular library hours until November 2021. We invite you to explore the exhibit and to celebrate the research and educational value that UCI Libraries’ East Asian Collection has brought to students, faculty and community.

We look forward to your continued support to strengthen the East Asian Collection. The Collection supports instruction, research and scholarship in a wide range of topics related to China, Japan and Korea, and fosters a global perspective that is increasingly important for developing solutions to address society’s grand challenges. And last but not least, we look forward to seeing you at future thought-provoking exhibits at the UCI Libraries.

Lorelei Tanji

University Librarian

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