Fines and Fees

Last updated September 5, 2023.

Overdue items accrue the following fines:

Reserve items

$2 per hour

$50 maximum

Overdue recalls $1 per day
Non-print media $2 per hour
Slides, CD-ROMs, Software, & Accompanying material $2 per hour
3-hour Videocassettes, disks, & Accompanying material $2 per hour
Audiovisual & computing equipment (e.g. laptops, cameras, iPads, etc.)

$2 per hour

$50 maximum

More information on laptops and iPads.

More information on audiovisual equipment.

Lost or damaged material Replacement cost plus $10 non-refundable billing fee per item

You can see what fines you owe via My Library Account.

How to Pay

UCI Affiliates Paying for UCI-Owned Items or Interlibrary Loan Items Owned by a Non-UC Library

Fines and fees must be paid by credit or debit card through My Library Account. After you log in to your account click "Pay Fine" next to Fine + Fees. You will be taken to a third party provider called TouchNet to enter your payment information.

UCI Affiliates Paying for Interlibrary Loan Items Owned by Another UC

Fines associated with UC ILLs are assessed by the owning campus of the item. UCI Faculty, Staff, and Students (UC Network Users) should contact the owning campus of the billed item for payment instructions. Item fees from other UC campuses may result in blocks to borrowing privileges until resolved. 

UC Campus Library Contact
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Los Angeles
UC Merced
UC Riverside
UC San Diego
UC San Francisco
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz


UC Affiliates (UC Network Users) & Other Libraries Paying for UCI-Owned Items

  1. Go to
  2. Select Make a Library Payment
  3. Enter Amount Owed 
  4. Enter the following Mandatory Fields
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Institution
    • Please enter the title(s) of the item(s) you are paying for.
  5. Review the information you've entered and select Check Out to move forward to the payment Method.

Loan Fines, Replacements & Repair Charges

Library privileges will be suspended until fines and/or bills are paid in full. All borrowers are subject to the assessment of overdue fines for reserve and recalled materials. If a borrower plans to be away from the campus for an extended period of time, the borrower needs to make the necessary arrangements to, receive email notices or return materials. Outstanding bills may be turned over to Campus Financial Services for collection or sent to a collection agency.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Items

A borrower, who does not return an item by the due date may be billed for the replacement cost of each item plus a $10 non-refundable billing fee per item. Material returned after billing is still subject to the $10 non-refundable billing fee per item. All borrowers are subject to replacement charges if items are lost or damaged beyond repair. An item is considered lost when the borrower reports it lost, damaged or fails to return it. If a borrower returns an item for which payment has been made, the replacement cost may be refunded if the item has not yet been replaced or if the item is returned within six months of the invoice date. Accrued fines, if any, may be levied at that time.  Charges for lost or damaged non-print material are the actual cost of the item. The charges will include a billing charge and binding costs if necessary. Charges for a lost or damaged Humanities & Social Sciences books are a minimum of $75. Charges for lost or damaged science, technology and medical books and the replacement of bound periodicals are a minimum of $100. See examples of damaged books. 

Reserve Items

An item is overdue if it is returned to the Check Out Desk after the time and date it is due. Strict fines are levied to ensure timely return of Reserve materials so that others may use them. Be sure to hand the item directly to a Check Out Desk attendant.

There is a 14-minute grace period, but fines will start accruing immediately at 15 minutes overdue.

A $2 per hour (or any portion of that hour) fine per item will be charged on overdue Reserve material.

Example: A $6 fine will be charged for Reserve material returned at 2:01 p.m. that was due at noon that day.

The maximum total fine for an overdue item is $50.

You will be billed for the cost of the Reserve item plus processing charges if the item is lost or never returned.

Unpaid fines may accumulate additional late fees and result in the suspension of UCI Libraries privileges.

Dispute Resolution

A Borrower may appeal if they believe Library charges are mistakenly assessed or extenuating circumstances warrant reduction or cancellation of the charges using the Fines Appeal Form. Appeals should be made within 30 calendar days of the original Library charge. Billing appeal decisions will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Circulation Manager. Notification of a decision will be sent via email within 5 business days.

Billing Contacts:

Langson Library:
(949) 824-6842

Science Library
(949) 824-3692

Grunigen Medical Library
(714) 456-5585

Multimedia Resources Center (MRC)
(949) 824-7072

Law Library
(949) 824-8466